Saturday, November 29, 2008

Busy or exhausted?

Are those our only choices between now and putting away decorations in January?

I didn't host Thanksgiving so I didn't have a zillion dishes to either wash by hand or unload from the dishwasher and wonder if I should return them to their hidey hole now or wait for their siblings to be freed from leftover holding. Does anyone ever have enough plastic ware or the right size storage bags for holiday leftovers?

The only turkeys I touched yesterday were the collectible ones that have been packed away until next November. Hubby and I did get Christmas decorations down from the attic last night without sniping at each other, but there was some almost under the breath snarling going on. Taking decorations out of the attic and replacing them in January are the only times we get like this. Usually. We both agree we have too much stuff. I think we should pitch some things but he is a saver. He isn't here to defend himself put his two cents in, so you may just assume I am right and he should listen to me. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of It may have helped if we had tackled this earlier in the day before we were both tired, but we have a tradition to maintain.

Today was spent with Bill working on outdoor lights and associated decor while I began inside. We won't have a tree up for a few weeks as we still get a live tree and the putting it up a week before is another tradition. Considering we still aren't done, why are we so tired tonight? Do you think it is an AGE thing (Anti-Gumption Event)? I didn't willingly give up my gumption, but it may well have disappeared with my marbles.

I don't really share Maxine's emotions, at least not all of the time, but she does make me smile.

Good luck with your decorating, shopping, baking and keeping up with the day to day stuff. If you find a good buy on extra strength vitamins, please send some my way.


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I can't assume you're right...I"m the packrat in this house so I refuse! ;o)

I am whittling down my Christmas decor though....slowly but surely. Every year I go through it & get rid of just a bit more. If my daughter weren't so resistant to ending up like me, I'd be able to get rid of a lot! LOL

MizSmoochieLips said...

Well just think! Now you have a new home-owner-son who just may need some Xmas thingies - "inherited" from your overflowing stash, of course ;)

I'm kind of relieved to not be dragging out Xmas crap, err, stuff!