Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have a table top again!

No burglars absconded with part of my table but that would have been a more interesting story. Only fractions of the table have been visible since Saturday, and those fractions were not clean enough for dining until almost 4:30 this afternoon. Finally done with decorations until the tree goes up, I celebrated by using new cutwork placemats from Kroger. The white dishes are Corelle Enhancement, the red are simple glass plates from Target years ago. The glasses didn't photograph well empty. I should have taken the photo with milk in them. They are clear with a raised red stripe spiraling the glass. The candle holder on the right holds 7 tealight candles with a silver snowflake in front and behind each candle. The vase is holding picks that have previously been in wreaths or in potted plants.

The downstairs bathroom is small and hard to photograph (how do they do take those shots on design shows?) but I took a few photos anyway. This shower curtain was a sale item a few years ago. Looks like I will have to steam the curtain to get rid of a few creases from storage. Guess I am not done after all. Wall art was changed to match the snowman theme. After Christmas decorations are put away, my snow people will come out. The collection has grown so large, it is too much to have them out the same time as the Santas, trees and items that definitely speak of Christmas. This curtain and the snow people will stay out until it is time to decorate for Easter.

Decorating has taken me much longer this year, but I've been switching things around a bit and setting many things aside for our son to use in his home. I've been holding onto things for years, waiting to do that!

After my camera and I both recharge our batteries, I will take more pictures of our Christmas treasures. I love looking at other people's decorations and stories and hope you're enjoying mine.

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Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I hear ya about the table. I always leave the leaves in after Tahnksgiving dinner...knowing I am going to need every bit of available space for Christmas "junk". We were able to eat off ours yesterday. ;o)