Thursday, December 11, 2008

Warm snowmen

I suspect there are many of us who like snowmen but not the cold weather required to make the real thing. If I ran the world (one of my many goals), I would arrange for snow only to fall where no shoveling is required. Boots would never be needed except as a fashion statement. Driving would be not be a challenge (except for drivers who shouldn't be on the road whatever the season) and cars wouldn't be covered in grime from driving through slush and salt used on slippery pavement.


In my delusional little world there is plenty of room for warm snowmen, the kind kept indoors. I have so many of them, this year I've decided to wait until January to display most of them. Once Christmas decorations come down, the house looks bare so putting them out will be a nice change of pace.

A few escaped their boxes while I was looking for Christmas items and I thought I'd use them in today's Three or More Thursday post. Please check out The Gypsy's Corner for more posts with this theme.

This photo is on an odd angle because the quilt hangs in a narrow walkway between my kitchen and living room. This wall quilt was made the friend I mentioned in yesterday's post.

This cute pair was given to me by a dinner guest one year. Hmmm, I should invite her over again!

Can you believe I got these in an online swap years ago? There are a small group of women who have been cyber buddies for years on a private message board. I hit the jackpot when my name was matched to the woman who shopped for this snowlady and Santa in blue, just for me!

I made this wall quilt 10 years or so ago, right after we added a family room to our house. The embroidery was done by hand but the quilt was machine pieced.

This snowman featuring Mickey and Minnie is by Jim Shore. He was a gift last Christmas.

This wall quilt can seem a little spooky looking to some. I made this in a class with the pattern designer as the instructor. The quilting was done by machine, free motion style. I think the black thread and the eye detail is what bothers some people. The red on his hat is a cardinal. He hangs in my upstairs bathroom.

Lastly, here is my one and only Santa Bear. J.L. Hudson used to be THE place to shop in the Detroit area. It eventually became Dayton-Hudson, then Marshall Fields and is now Macy's. In 1985 they began offering Santa Bear at a nominal price with a purchase of a certain dollar amount. No one realized that first year or two that they would become desired collectibles. This one is from 1986. Next to him is Shivers, a reindeer from Avon. He runs on batteries. When you turn his switch on, he shivers in the cold making the bells on his antlers ring.

It is cold enough for snow today, but none is predicted and the sun is shining so I should step away from the computer and go attempt to finish some Christmas shopping.

Warm season's greetings to all of you!


MizSmoochieLips said...

You've got quite the collection of snow friends going there, Knitty!
I hear we're suppose to get some of that white stuff this weekend. Ug!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

You have some great snowmen Knitty! I have a couple stashed back to put up after Christmas too. I think you are the one I stole that idea from! LOL

I can't help but try to remember who it was that got your name for that swap. ;o) I just unpacked that beaded snowflake you included w/ my swap, the other day. It carries a good memory...thank you.

Do you ever "see" any of them anymore? besides Miz? If so, tell them all I said Hi!

Nettie said...

Your snowmen are all very is the shivering reindeer.
We've only got rain here in Oz at the moment. Don't expect to ever have any SNOW here at Christmas time...hahaha
Would appreciate some SUN & heat though, especially on Christmas day.

Neabear said...

Love your Three or More post with the snowmen. Hope you had a Happy Three or More Thursday!

Picket said...

Hey Knitty....I love to see snow falling but I can't deal with it after that! lol Those quilts are beautiful...I love that one you embroidered! Thanks for coming by girl..RMS stands for RATE MY SPACE on HGTV...alot of us bloggers first met on RMS when we had our rooms on there for the world to see! lol Hope you have a beautiful weekend sweetie! ♥

Sweetie said...

You have some absolutely beautiful quilts. I also love the snowmen. Would you believe that it rained all day in PA? I only like snow on Christmas eve.