Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the eve of a Merry Christmas Eve....

Unlike the 24th when not a creature is supposed to be stirring, the 23rd will be a full day and a late night. We have another winter weather advisory, or as they said in the old days, it is snowing and will continue to snow for a while. The son who lives nearby is driving to the airport to pick up a friend arriving from Atlanta. I hope flights aren't delayed and the friend still owns a warm coat! Our older son is driving in from Columbus Ohio after work which would mean midnight in good weather. No wonder mothers sprout gray hairs overnight!

I owe some bloggers comments and emails to a few friends. I've had computer issues that aren't completely resolved yet. That and holiday prep has limited my posting time. Cross your fingers for me that the next fix really works.

I wish everyone could drop by today and smell the wonderful aroma of the rum cake that is on my counter. I'd even cut you a slice and bake another one for Thursday, but you'd have to plan on staying awhile. The rum in the glaze is pretty potent. Maybe you'd like to help move some dust around while you sober up?

Our tree didn't get up and decorated until this past weekend. I've enjoyed looking at many trees in blogs and thought I'd post a few pictures of mine. We have ornaments from our childhood and some that were from our parents' families. There are many Hallmark ornaments including a whole series of basketball players that will eventually go to our older son when he has his own place and tree. Many ornaments have been made by friends or by me.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, or in the spirit of the Seinfeld show, a Happy Festivus! Whatever your belief, health and happiness to everyone.

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