Friday, November 21, 2008

Blog questions

What brought you to the world of blogging? How did you decide on your look? Did you set out to write mainly about one subject and if so, have you been successful?

Miz Smoochie had the first blog that I read regularly, back in the days of her earlier journal. We had belonged to the same message board once upon a time. Finding her new blog reunited me with a few other women from that board. After my card making teacher, Andrea, started blogging, I decided to try it too.

Writing and reading blogs must be the modern day equivalent to women talking to their neighbors, back when most women were home during the day. More than once I am struck by the contradiction of telling our kids not to talk to strangers yet we blog to people we aren't likely to meet. Do you have privacy issues? Do you allow search engines to find your blog? I don't currently, and am not sure if would make much difference.

I read blogs and am inspired by content and layout. I use Blogger because that is what the authors I first read used. If you are using Word Press, Live Journal or another host, how did you choose it? Does anyone else have a test blog that others never see? I try out things that that I am not sure will work. I like three column layouts on other blogs but when I tried it on my test site, I thought it looked too busy. Do you have a great discovery that has enhanced your posting in any way? Is there something that you've seen but haven't been able to master yet?

Some days the news of the world is too frustrating. The blogs that I visit offer a healthy antidote whether they know it or not. Whatever you look like as you are reading this, perhaps with your favorite hot beverage,

please know that I salute you and enjoy hearing from you.


Nettie said...

Well, my blog isn't a chatty blog...I don't like to divulge any personal information on my blog...but with that said I do have a Facebook page onto which I do have all manner of photos of loads of family pics as well as crafting pictures but then you have to be my friend to be able to view any of my Facebook stuff.
On my blog I have only crafting things that I've made recently & also from a few years ago - papercraft stuff, assorted cards, items I've sewn, pieces I've painted that sort of thing.
I just used the blog thing that google has I'm not that computer savvy to know how to do the html codes or whatever it is for fancy zippity-do-da layouts.
So, you won't find any fun ranting & ravings from this little black duck on my Blog.

andrea said...

I decided to start my blog as a way to keep in touch with my students - keep them up to date on what I was working on for classes and the like. Then it just seemed to morph into a place where I could tell funny stories about my day, my kids, my "out-law-in-laws" :)
Although I'm not officailly teaching anymore, I love that I have a place where I can get my thoughts/frustrations/joys out, yet still share things that I do and create that make me happy. Although I love to have people comment, my blog is something that is for me - my daily journal.
I wish I were more computer saavy so I could spiff mine up a bit, but you promised to give me a lesson as soon as we can get together :)

dana said...

Yeah! Thank you for unlocking the "door" so I can come in!
I have been messing with this crazy stuff off and on today. The suggestions I was given by another blogger (TypePad user, too) didn't fix my problem--but now SHE can leave comments! Go figure! I'm glad you got my e-mail and the stick doll thing sounds interesting! Bloggers are a funloving group, I'm finding out! Thanks for adding the Name/URL to your comment section! Now I will go fill it out and send this to YOU! Dana

Anonymous said...

I started blogging after googling for some information on making bags and I landed at CraftApple's blog. I didn't know anyone else who blogged and found it so interesting. Around that time I also discovered Flickr and posted pictures. I had a Bath Creations website where I sold my handmade products. All this new information out there peeked my interest and I joined Wordpress which is what Linda from CraftApple was on.

At the time I just wrote about this and that and didn't even concentrate on hoping to get comments, although I soon discovered I enjoyed leaving comments for other people so they knew I'd been there and my thoughts and praises or whatever it was about.

It was just this summer that I started meeting the lovely blogging friends I have now, whose sites I venture to daily...and see their comments in mine too. They have become so special to me and I look forward to hearing from them.

I have been thinking about Blogspot because I think I can do more there. So one day in the near future I'm sure I'll be moving.

I find blogging so inspirational. As I've said before on other posts/comments I have learned so much with this whole way of friendship. The world has opened up for me and I hope in turn I have inspired others with my little life....

I've enjoyed your blog...and I'll be sure to be back.
Have a lovely day.