Friday, June 29, 2012

Never too old to learn or too young to teach

I think children are now born knowing how to maneuver the screens of iPhones , iPads and similar devices.

I have folders for my grandson's apps on both devices and moving the order of the folders doesn't phase him at all. He is two, but knows (and has known for quite a while) which folder is his. The only other app he goes to is the one for YouTube. Once there he selects "favorites" and scrolls through saved Kipper the Dog and Caillou clips.

He never seems confused or bothered that his parents have different apps or bookmarked clips. Just as kids know they can get another bedtime story out from Mommy or a cookie from Grandma, they know this phone offers these things while that one offers something else.

And then there is my husband. He appreciates all that the current electronics can do, but he'd be just as happy with a rotary dial, wall mounted phone and a pad of paper and a Bic pen. Given that one almost has to be plugged in and logged on these days, he has learned the basics but often asks me to find something or complete a task to save time.

Colton will change all that. But only if Grandpa can keep up with those flying little fingers.

Are you taking pictures AGAIN, Grandma?

You bet I am. As long as you and Grandpa are making memories, I'll be recording them. 


Chatty Crone said...

Love, that cutie pie and red hair - what a sweetheart. sandie

Rudee said...

It's their time. Oh, the places they will go boggles the mind.

Sweet pictures!

Thisisme. said...

Aaaw, such cute photos for us to look at today. Your little grandson is just sooooo cute - and hubby of course!! It truly is amazing just how they can work the iPads and iPhones, isn't it. My little grandson is actually four years old today and has been using my iPhone for ages, and, like Colton, he has all his own Apps on it. He watches me put in my password when I'm downloading a new one for him, and I swear he will be able to put that password in himself soon!! Hee Hee! We just have to keep up with them, don't we?! Hugs.

michelle said...

How sweet.

Sewconsult said...

Funny and sweet. Colton will get a laugh at his Grandpa 's picture one day.