Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1st: Happy Canada Day! and Rabbit! Rabbit!

Happy Canada Day to my northern friends and neighbors!

It has been a wonderfully busy weekend in Knitty-ville. I think we had around 50 people here Friday night to watch my city's fireworks from our driveway. Being that we were outside and some friends are also friends of neighbors and therefore wandered in and out, I have no idea what number of people were actually here.

Yesterday I frosted a cake for my great-niece's birthday party and also a dozen cupcakes. Her request for a cake that tasted like cookie dough. I wrote about that here. I made a yellow cake and frosted it with the frosting portion of this recipe.  I used a candy mold to form letters to spell out Happy Birthday Allison to decorate the top of the cake along with a few mini chocolate chips.

The chocolate cupcakes were frosted with a recipe that the Pioneer Woman claims is the best she's ever tasted. The frosting isn't overly sweet and is much like what Kroger uses in their bakeries. That recipe is here. My husband was very pleased with that frosting. Next I will have to experiment with adding cocoa to it, and will see if it holds up to simple decorating tips, such as shell and rosette borders.

Before the luau themed birthday party, we had a neighbor's wedding to attend. Since I haven't asked permission to share their photos, I've lopped the heads of the bride and her daughters. Trust me, they were all gorgeous. I'm including this picture because I wanted to talk about the bride's dress.
Taken by cell phone without a flash as they were moving doesn't do the fabric justice, but it was stunning and perfect for this woman's second wedding. Here is another view taken at her backyard reception. It was hot yesterday, 95 degrees or more, so the groom had ditched his tux before dancing.
My neighbor doesn't like to shop. One of her sisters found this dress for her at Penney's online. It looks much better on my neighbor than in this photo at Penney's. She looked beautiful, and at a bargain price!

I've had such a nice chatting with people I don't see every day, and one little guy that I am blessed to see often. It wouldn't be a photo heavy post from me if I didn't include one shot of the grandson. Here he is concentrating, hence the position of his tongue.
Here he is laughing at the fact that his little cousin, who couldn't see over the top of the pool from where he stood on the grass, managed to shoot water from the hose directly into daddy's face.


Rabbit! Rabbit! for good luck this month to everyone! I hope you're enjoying family and friends as much as I am.

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