Monday, July 23, 2012

A bit of everything in a long weekend

On Thursday I left home to join hubby at the cottage. It was raining, sprinkling actually, when I left here. The minute I merged onto the freeway, the rain increased. Drats! The freeway portion of my hour ride isn't long and soon I was on the highway again. There is a Kroger on the right side of the highway on the way to our cottage, not far from the freeway. My intentions were to stop there for vittles as Grandma Clampett used to say. It was pouring so hard at that point, my wipers on high were barely keeping up.

I went on to the next Kroger which is actually farther than my turnoff for the cottage, but I had hopes that the rain would subside by then. It did, but not by much. I used an umbrella to get from car to store, something that I very rarely do. By the time I left the store, the rain was back to full force and I'd been tempted to whack a few people inside the store with my wet bumbershoot, but alas, it was a small one and I would have been within reach of the whack-ees who might have grabbed me in retaliation so I remained polite and peaceful. Next time I am taking the golf umbrella!

That Kroger isn't very old but for whatever reason, they've decided to move everything around inside. Since all of the Krogers seem to be doing this, I can't help but wonder if it isn't a marketing ploy to get people to walk up and down every aisle. Why else would eggs and cheese be together in a short dairy case (half the length of one aisle, one side only) across from household cleaning products? There were only a dozen or so cartons of eggs, most of which were so badly broken that the cartons were drippy messes. There wasn't a head of lettuce, a bag of lettuce, or package of leaves anywhere in the store either. Unless there was a Caesar salad festival going on that I wasn't aware of, I can't explain the lettuce and egg absence.

By the time groceries were thrown into the car, I was wet despite the umbrella. The inside windshield had fogged up (was I huffing and puffing that badly?) so I had to run the defroster. Now I was cold and wet. Uh I had know...eliminate some fluid  so off I went to McDonald's. The bathroom was clean and I left my umbrella on the counter, but where to put my purse with no hook in the stall? I managed not to choke myself with my purse around my neck, got business done and hands washed.

I can't go into the golden arches to use their facilities without buying something. It doesn't feel right. Besides, I was hungry. It was almost 2:00 and breakfast had been at 8:15. How was I going to carry my meal, two drinks (one for hubby whom I had called to warn him a wet hen would be arriving shortly) and my umbrella to the car? I left the restaurant and ordered from the drive-thru. Once at the cottage, I put my robe on while my clothes dried but the rain lasted most of the day, and not wanting to take a chance on re-wetting them, I stayed in my robe until bedtime.
Fashionable and exciting, eh?

Friday was near perfection. We got a little work done, sat on the deck in beautiful weather, had a great dinner (without salad), watched corny TV before bedtime and slept soundly.

Saturday was warmer but still a pretty day. Colton and his parents came for an overnight visit. The cottage makes adults mellow, sleepy even, but seems to have the opposite effect on two year olds. He didn't want to nap and he didn't despite the efforts of 4 adults.

Instead he went with us to a neighbor's graduation party where he wanted to try the rock climbing wall.
No, he isn't in the harness there, that is his life jacket. Our cottage rules have always been that little ones wear a life jacket any time they are outside as the water is too close and in Colton's case, very tempting. He thinks he is part fish.

After a great meal, the graduate's mom manned the cotton candy machine. We got a small cone for Colton, mostly because I wanted to see his reaction to it.
This stuff is sticky!

It tastes kinda funny...
But hey, it isn't so bad after all!
Back on our deck, we entertained him, or more truthfully, he entertained us with his bubble gun.
Here come more bubbles!

I'll get them!
Oh! They got me instead!
The humidity rose as night fell. Colton was overly tired and had a hard time winding down for the night. The bedrooms were warm and stuffy with only fans to provide relief. Do you think we're all spoiled by air conditioning? I do, but I'm first in line to want it when I am trying to sleep in this weather. Have I mentioned that I don't like the sound of a window or oscillating fan? I hate them.

Yesterday morning Colton was refreshed and ready to tackle a new day. His parents and grandparents however...

We are all home again, in air conditioning because Mother Nature seems to like the upper 90s this month. I am headed out to the dentist soon, to have my teeth cleaned. I hope I don't fall asleep in the chair and drool. At least I don't have to worry about lettuce being stuck between my teeth!

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Rudee said...

That looks like a great view from your deck. I like the life jacket rule. It makes a lot of sense.