Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I know there aren't any answers....

I know there aren't any answers, but I have to ask anyway: whatever happened to morality and decency?
I should preface this by saying I know that they both still exist and thankfully, I witness this every day among family, friends and neighbors. Why this question today? I've had the news on (and what passes as news) and keep hearing about Rielle Hunter and John Edwards.

My understanding is that none of the big name publishers would take on Rielle's book. That isn't stopping the media from interviewing her and leaking quotes from her book though. I believe it comes out next week. I am not looking up that information or sharing the name of it. I didn't like her before but hearing her call Jon Edwards' deceased wife a "witch on wheels" crosses so many lines of decency, I just can't stomach seeing her face or hearing her name now.

Perhaps Elizabeth was a shrew. Who knows at this point? She isn't here to defend herself and her cheating spouse can't be trusted to tell us what day of the week today is. He apparently told Rielle on their first night together that he had three other mistresses. He later told her that wasn't true and that he initially said that because he didn't want her getting too attached to him. In other words, it didn't matter that he was a married man, she became mistress #4 anyway. I'm tempted to use a vulgar term for her at this point, but that would compromise my questioning of decency.

I'm neither a fan nor a detractor of Elizabeth Edwards. She hasn't canonized been by me because she died, but I do feel for anyone suffering through cancer or public humiliation. She endured both. What bothers me now is that Elizabeth's younger children, a daughter born in 1998 and a son in 2000, are hearing this crap. The oldest daughter of Elizabeth and John stood by her father throughout his trial. It bothered me that at the end of the trial he called Frances Quinn Hunter "precious" and "whom I love, more than any of you can ever imagine and I am so close to and so, so grateful for." Maybe that is what the media chose to show us, but don't you wonder how his other kids felt?
I am tired of celebrities who are so full of themselves, the common rules of decency that most of try to follow don't apply to them. I am tired of opportunists like Rielle getting more than air time than someone who is unselfish and does good for others on a daily basis. I worry about the message our kids get from what plays out in the media. Is it cool that Rihanna has Drake and Chris Brown feuding over her? Is it okay that athletes pay off drug fines, continue playing, do drugs again, pay fines again and continue to be idolized? Do they know that reality TV is about as real as Orson Welles' radio broadcast of alien invasion in 1938?

I try not to watch much news because it makes me twitch and rant as I'm doing now. All I really wanted to catch was the weather forecast yesterday and this morning, and both times the local weather had computer glitches and couldn't use their graphics. While they did things the old fashion way, just telling us what to expect, I knew that I would stick my head outside to see if it was really as hot and humid as they say. It was and still is. I just had to see for myself.

To show you that my day is not without humor, even when I am annoyed at things I can't change, I will end with this:


Chatty Crone said...

I think it is hard to have and keep character especially in these days and times - it is a choice one has to work at. sandie

Blondie's Journal said...

I read part of the interview and heard about the book. She timed it all perfectly, didn't she? I guess we are just a curious lot. We read about celebrities to bring a level of excitement to our lives. I will not pay a dime for Hunter's book, but I would be interested in some of the details...just sayin!


Rudee said...

Meh. I hear you on the morality, but I care not one whit for these overbearing and self absorbed humans who lack humanity.

What goes around certainly does come back to bite you in the ass.

That said...jeeze it's hot here today! I'm melting.

michelle said...

Your last picture is so true.

Sewconsult said...

We are on the same wave length. John Edwards was an A- -, even more so because his wife was sick. Guess he didn't listen when he took his wedding vows. When hubby and I were faced with a cheating close friend, our disgust and betrayal was hard to heal. He ruined our friendship with wife, because she thought we made the whole thing up. He had her fooled and still does.