Thursday, June 7, 2012

Turquoise necklace

A necklace in the April 2012 edition of Bead and Button Magazine was the inspiration for my new necklace. The original necklace and ordering info for the pattern if you can't locate that issue of the magazine is here. With concern that the turquoise stones that I used might become a bit heavy, and not knowing how they compared to the size briolettes mentioned in the pattern, I wove a two chain repeat between them. That and not using two different colored seed beads were my only variations.

Here are the components

A close up of the beading in progress

And the finished necklace on yours truly

Sorry that last photo is a bit grainy. I'm blaming hubster since I took the other shots and he isn't standing here reading that I am blaming him.

Most of my beading projects are simple line bracelets strung on beading wire. Those are made to satisfy an urge to put certain colors together and to have a quick project. Sometimes when I have a labor intensive project of another sort going on, making a bracelet or a greeting card is a big boost. This was a nice balance for me, more complicated than a line bracelet but not as detailed and time consuming as some projects I've undertaken as shown here.

Now that I have beading supplies put away, I have no excuse not to tackle a few sewing projects that shouldn't take long. Stay tuned! 

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Rudee said...

It's beautiful!