Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cranky Saturday

Why does illness exist? And if it must, why must it visit good people?
No answer to that? How about figuring out why some people complain loudest about what they are guilty of? Does anyone have a mirror that will show the rude and inconsiderate what they look like?

When did common sense become such a rare commodity?

Why do we need fish flies (aka May flies and Canadian soldiers)?
If you don't have the pleasure of fish flies in your town, their season is a few weeks long. Each insect lives roughly 24 hours. They don't bite or in other ways harm people or pets, but they are attracted to lights where they swarm, then die in piles along the street, clinging to windows or screens, and just plain anywhere and everywhere. En masse, the dead ones stink. Like fish. Especially in heat and humidity.

Why aren't elected officials in Washington subject to the same insurance concerns as the rest of us? Perhaps more of us need to run for office just for the life long insurance benefits.

Why are the two political parties such big businesses? Ever feel that they are lobbyists are really running the country and what you and I want is barely heard or considered?

Why aren't long time customers rewarded occasionally for their loyalty? One son just switched cable and internet companies. He is getting more than we have, for less money. Hubby called and asked if we had to leave and return in order to get a deal after being told that was for new customers only. He squawked long enough and loud enough that our rate has been reduced by $20 per month and we'll get HBO for a year. You know they aren't going broke doing this. Wouldn't it be nice if long time customers got a perk instead of just the new ones?
Whew! I feel better getting this off my chest. In case you're wondering, it isn't a family member who is ill but we do have a few friends struggling with health issues, one is in a coma.

The rudeness and common sense rants came about because I went grocery shopping. On a Saturday....what was I thinking???

The fish flies, government, politics and cable rants are all self explanatory. Now if I can just get the bug guts stains out of hubby's golf shorts, the last of my crankiness should dissipate.
I hope the washboard doesn't ruin my manicure......


Sewconsult said...

You hit it on the nail! Hubby is turning 65 in Nov and we are getting calls and mail to alert us to the fine details (and their expertise) of Medicare. DH was hired by the FDA back in Sept of 1972. That means that we are not covered by Social Security and have different options than those that were hired later. BIL is federal bank examiner and falls under Social Security. I, on the other hand, being a housewife for most of my married life have no Social Security benefits. I lack enough quarters to qualify, even though I paid into the system for the time that I did work out side the home AND when I operated a home business. Because of the travel demands of hubby's job and the serious illnesses of our daughters, it was best for me to stay at home. I am grateful that hubby has a pension, but we would not be making it as well if it weren't for a FIL who left us a chunk of stock.

Rudee said...

Fish flies could make anyone irritable, dear. Blame it on them. Nasty smelling creatures. It's always a joy to walk in the early morning feeling and hearing, crunch, crunch crunch as you walk. Blech.

Changes in the wind said...

I rather enjoyed your post and never heard of fish flies before.
It is high time we just say what we feel.......period.