Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Makes me want to slap my forehead....

I was going to avoid the news because it makes me twitch lately but I got sucked in. Again. This graphic of Ernie  fits perfectly, but the reference isn't about me being stupid.
Back in January, a man in a wealthy Detroit suburb reported his wife missing. She was found dead in the backseat of her Mercedes SUV the following day in Detroit. Her name is Jane Bashara and a time line (now out of date after yesterday's breaking news) of her murder investigation can be found here.

The couple had been married 25 years with two grown children. Bob, known as Big Bob in the community, had another nickname not known by everyone. He was into S&M and used a basement of one of his rental properties for his fellow S&M enthusiasts, including his girlfriend. Among them he was known as Master Bob.

The mentally disabled handyman that Bob had employed for years confessed to murdering Jane, but said he did so with a gun held to his head by Bob. Some people expressed skepticism as to this duress, but the more you saw the handyman's interviews, the more believable he became due to his simple mindedness.

Meanwhile, Bob cried on cue for TV interviews but didn't come off as believeable at all. Then he failed a lie detector. His attorney was quick to come up with an excuse and dismissed that. Bob remained a free man but "a person of interest" to police and prosecutors.

As you might expect when something like this happens in a neighboring community, especially one that is rarely in the spotlight for a heinous crime, everyone has talked about this and has an opinion. Many have wondered why the police haven't arrested him for his wife's murder, many have thought it is only a matter of time and hope that he doesn't skate free on a technicality, but I have yet to hear anyone say they think the handyman acted on his own (he had no motive) or that Bob hasn't had something to do with his wife's murder.

Yesterday Master Bob was arrested. Not for Jane's murder though. He was arrested for soliciting the murder of the handyman who is in jail! (Link to that story)

If he was a character in a book, I would put the book down and declare that nobody is that stupid to think they can cheat, lie and get away with it...but I'd be wrong. And short on memory. Wasn't it just a few days ago I was ranting about Rielle Hunter and John Edwards?

Ron White says it all, and quite often:

I could say more about all of this but I promised hubby I'd fix him lunch today. He can turn grizzly when he doesn't eat. What.... you don't believe me?


Sewconsult said...

You are hilarious! AND don't forget: Money can't buy brains either! (that's my own adage). You either have them or you don't!

Hope you fed the grizzly bear and that he has settled down for a nap.

Chatty Crone said...

I did follow that story for awhile - always thought it was the husband! sandie

Rudee said...

It's ridiculous. I feel she will never get justice.