Monday, June 4, 2012

Foiled again!

While at the cottage this weekend, waiting for a carpet cleaning company to arrive, I attempted to compose a post on my iPad using a download called Blogsy.
Photo from
If I try to post directly to Blogger from my iPad, all formatting is lost. The result is a run on paragraph and I have no luck with using photos or graphics.

I know that I used Blogsy once or twice with success, but as my kids used to say, I mis-remembered which button was the preview button and I lost what I had written. After an inward scream that used a few curse words, I went to the truck to read.


Yep, I went to sit inside the truck. The miracle worker from Chem Dry had arrived and was working his magic on some very dirty carpeting. The sun had been out while I sat on the deck and attempted a post, but had gone into hiding when the post disappeared.  We had unseasonably cool weather the past few days. Not truly cold by winter standards, but definitely chilly for June. Add bouts of driving rain and winds and we had a weekend spent mostly indoors.
Photo from Google search of Chem Dry
I wanted to be out of the way of the carpet cleaner but I was cold sitting out on the deck. Bill was content with the temperature, but he isn't normal is always much warmer than I am. The poor man really hoped I would have hot flashes. Not to be mean, but just so we could be in agreement on windows, fans and furnaces. Anyway, off I went to the truck with my Kindle and finished a Miss Julia novel,  Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle.   Check out the series by Ann B. Ross here.
Author Ann B. Ross
The sun returned, the temps warmed up a bit, the Chem Dry man left after doing a great job and after an hour or so, we began putting the smaller pieces of furniture back in place.

We packed up to return home this evening and ran into a island resident on our way. I didn't get out of the truck to exchange pleasantries. His expression didn't look entirely welcoming.
His shell alone was at least a foot long. He isn't one of the world's cutest creatures, is he? But who am I to judge? If you had seen me with my hair pulled back (and none too clean) in a dirty sweat shirt (we washed everything before putting things back into place), you wouldn't have stopped to meet me either!

If you are successfully composing and posting from your iPad, please throw me a clue or two or six. If I find out you are holding out on me, I will have to send Tough Turtle to rough you up a bit and spill what you know. Given his speed, or lack thereof, you probably have a year before you need worry. Maybe I'll improve my Blogsy technique by then.


Chatty Crone said...

I don't have an IPod or IPad. Enjoyed the little visitor. And I hope you had a safe trip home. sandie

Rudee said...

I haven't tried posting from my iPad. You first. When you figure it out, let me know.

It WAS a miserable weekend. Today was nice, but chilly. I could do weather like today year round.

Anonymous said...

Wow! that is one big turtle! Did you thing Chem dry did a good job? I'm looking to have my basement done.
I'm disappointed about my blog. As I understand it I can start a new one on blogger but I would have to delete my currant blogs and gmail. hen I would have to start a new account with a different comcast e mail address causing me to lose everything on my currant blogs. I can see paying five or even ten dollars a year but I'm not going to pay a monthly fee. I'm on FB for now but they may start charging soon too.
For now I'm back to desk top journalist LOL I have really enjoyed blogging with you and will continue to read your blog for as long as google allows. I can't believe our weather here. take care. I will miss you.

Thisisme. said...

Ugh, I don't like the look of that turtle. Not very pretty, is he?! Bless! Isn't it funny how men always feel warmer than us women. Strange that! I don't have an iPad, but I have done posts before from my iPhone, and it seems to work very well. I use an app called Blogger +

Sewconsult said...

I haven't tried to blog from my iPad, yet. I am such a poor typist that just posting to FB on it is all I do or send a short email. I will have to give it a try.

michelle said...

That turtle looked like something out of prehistoric times.

Sorry, no Ipad, so no clue.