Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Talk me out of this!

I don't want to be a gadget junkie but it is a struggle. I remember years ago, my sister-in-law thought I was crazy when I told her I needed a new egg slicer. Once she saw me use one, she wanted one too. When I make egg salad or add hard boiled eggs to other salads, I slice them in slicer, turn and slice them crossways to get diced pieces. Fast for me and the slicer is easy to clean.
When a gadget is something you use, it becomes a tool. Somehow the word gadget makes the item seem unnecessary. You'd be surprised how many tools I have.  Photobucket    Good thing hubby is a mechanic at heart and understands the need for more than one of some tools and that all tools are not created equal.

So what is it that I need you to talk me out of wanting? An iPad.
This is all my friend Jenn's fault. She brings her to knitting and makes me drool.It has been less than six months since I entered the modern age and got an iPhone. Mercy me, what did I do before the iPhone?  I don't actually make many calls on it, but the camera is handy, the game apps are fun and if my son or daughter-in-law want me to see how cute the grandson was just 15 seconds ago...boom! ...there he is in a text with a picture!

On Mother's Day this year, my kids got me a Kindle. For years I thought I would never want to give up holding an actual book in my hands, but after cleaning out my book shelves the last time, I decided I didn't need hardcover books that I wasn't likely to reread taking up precious space. I have plenty of craft related books and cookbooks that are permanent residents there. Bill wants you to know that the cookbooks are so permanent they rarely move and are there for appearance only. He is such a Photobucket sometimes! Photobucket

Some may think that two electronic advances in one calendar year is enough for a gal, but I am much more than a gal. I am woman! I am woman, hear me chirp! Bleep! Chime! (Pick your ring tone!)

My serious reasons for considering this gadget tool would be that being larger than a phone screen, it is easier on slightly more mature eyes and it is a helluva lighter to haul around than my laptop with a 17 inch screen. We don't fly often any more, but regulations have changed so much since I first got the laptop, I now feel like I've packed twice and had a 30 minute aerobic workout by the time I get through security.

A trip to the cottage might actually mean one bag for clothes and knitting with the Kindle and iPad in a large purse! Even a two night stay at the cottage meant at least two books before (what if I finished the first one?), the laptop and my camera. The Kindle and iPhone with camera has already streamlined things a bit. I'm really thinking of hubby on this. Honest. 

Now for my serious question, for those of you with an iPad, how hard is it to blog from this device? When I looked for a picture of an iPad for this post, I chose the one with the keyboard because I would want that if this concept works for me.

Can you have more than one window open? I often have a second window open to search the internet for graphics or open to my Photobucket account. What works well and what doesn't? I have a birthday coming up and could make this a suggestion for a group gift. That and dinner out. And coffee ice cream for dessert.

Meanwhile, the next time Jenn brings out her iPad at knitting, I am not going to be careful any longer. When I drool, it is going to be right over her yarn. Photobucket


Rudee said...

Three words: kindle for mac. (a free app from amazon).

Life's short my dear. If an ipad would please you, buy it already!

Rudee said...

Oh...and can a macbook really be far behind? I think not.

...written from my beloved MacBook Pro.

Sewconsult said...

I can only tell you to rush out or let your fingers order one from Apple. I was ready to order a Kindle when the ipad was announced. It was coming close to my 60th birthday. Hubby said if that what I wanted to go for it. I LOVE IT. THe ipad2 is lighter weight and has more features. If it weren't so expensive, I would go for it. Not only can I take it anywhere, I can check my email, browse the internet, write notes and view pictures. New one has a camera, I think.
I have a desk top iMac, so all I did was link the iPad to the iMac with a usb cord (provided) and it sync everything to the iPad. So easy, even a cave man or Beckie can do! There are thousands of apps for free or minimal cost. You can find ereader apps for the ipad at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and of course Apple. If you have any specific questions, I'll be glad to help. Oh, you do have to sign up for a data plan with ATT. One hint. If you turn off the 3G (or4G) when at a Wi-fi link, you won't use up the data allowance as quickly. I learned that the first month!

Blondie's Journal said...

I think you have very good intentions...especially if you travel with these things. I have a friend who has an ipad and I found it very difficult to use, but then again it takes practice. I say go for it!


Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I'm sorry but I can't talk you out of getting an IPad. My Mom got one for Christmas and has hardly put it down since. My Dad told her she likes that more than anything he has given her except her engagement ring. I thought that was cute. Seriously, you will love it. Shannon

SkippyMom said...

I can't chime in because I don't know - don't have one.

But I will sure be happy [and jealous] when you get one. heehee I am SO hoping for a Kindle for my birthday next month.

Chatty Crone said...

I can't because I want one too!