Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And now a word about Words with Friends...

I tried. I tried very hard to resist. Nancy Reagan warned me to Just Say NO but did I listen?

I now play Words With Friends. There. I've said it. I had 6 games going over the weekend, two with random strangers. I feel so dirty.  "Dirty" is 9 points, more if you land on DL, TL, DW or TW.

This is not one of my screens, I found this example online. I know these words. I am pretty good at regular Scrabble.

Here is another example found online. I think most of the people I've played with board game with have used the same types of words I use, meaning common words. Take a look at some of these:
Would you use Ho, Wop, Ae or Es? What is Trad?

In the first game that I played, I wondered where my friend was coming up with some of her strange words. I congratulated her and commented that she must have done many more crosswords than I (something we both enjoy and discover words seldom spoken but used because they fit the puzzle grid) and my friend confessed that she uses cheats.
Say it isn't so! And where do I sign up?  Photobucket   My goodness, there are more cheat apps than there are versions of WWF!

Back in the old days, pre-computer, I did a daily crossword and avoided using a crossword puzzle dictionary until truly stumped. I think I prefer to play WWF this way too. If you use cheats all the time you may as well watch a computer play the game for you.

But it does help when you are stuck with letters Q, K, L, M, U, D and X.  Maybe I should get one of these shirts for those times:
To be followed by this e-greeting.
Look out my friend and relative whose names begin with the letter K!


SkippyMom said...

I used to play scrabble via the internet with my sister and she cheated all the time with the apps. Drove me nuts because she wouldn't admit it. I do know a bunch of two letter words from years of playing real scrabble, but she would constantly come up with 7 letter words that I know she didn't know the meaning of but trying to call someone out via email just gives them the chance to go look up the word and give the definition like they knew it all along.

I will have to look up WWF to play with Pooldad - we always liked to play the Scrabble game on his lunch hour. YAY!

Enjoy and good luck.

Sewconsult said...

We have Scrabble marathons when we get the extended family together at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have multiple games going at several tables. It keeps us from killing each other over other issues!
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness I never thought about playing scrabble on the computer - I think I'm glad. lol

Knitty said...

Chatty, this is played on my iPhone. I find myself playing it while waiting for things. I haven't decided whether this is good or bad, but it is fun.