Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 2 of Garage Sale

I lived through the prep day, survived the first day and am not working it today or tomorrow except to help move things from garage to the driveway and stage them again. I guess this makes it a yard sale rather than a garage sale but we call face tissues Kleenex even if we buy Puffs.

I find myself looking around the house and seeing more items that we don't use but I am not about to plan another sale. It is a lot of work, a long day waiting for shoppers and you never know what the shoppers' interest will be. Any gold jewelry? No. Any tools? No. Any guns? Really?? Guns??? No!

Everyone has been pleasant, even those who walked away empty handed. I'd like to think our greetings made a difference and even the quiet shoppers wished us well as they left. I didn't experience a "fly in the ointment" but one man was a bit of a gnat. He didn't want to pay $2 for a pair of shoes. Would I accept $1. Ok. Then he wanted to know if I would take 50 cents. No. He kept this up and I kept saying no, a dollar was as low as I would go. I was about to tell him I had changed my mind, was asking $5 and take the darned shoes back but I think he sensed my mood and grabbed the shoes and gave me a dollar.

A pleasant surprise was a shopper who turned out to be the youngest of 7 children who grew up in the house my daughter-in-law and son bought. He bought a snow blower but couldn't take it yesterday. He picked it up this morning and was given a tour of the house. He was impressed and reminisced which was nice to hear.

Bill and I will help move things back into the garage late this afternoon and bring the Prince of Sweetness home with us while mommy and daddy go to a Lions' preseason football game. Colton's daddy is a Lions fan. Make that a HUGE fan. Make that an 'I-don't-begin-to-understand-his-passion' big ole honkin' Lions fan. And boy, was that fan happy to learn something about a neighbor yesterday.
A sweet lady who lives 10 houses away came by to introduce herself and talk about the neighborhood while browsing. She has lived on the street for 57 years and probably knows where all the bones are buried from decades of family skeletons. Photobucket She mentioned her next door neighbor who works for the Lions. Chuck sat up a little straighter and his eyes got a little brighter. The Lions?
The dear lady must have thought he was clueless because she explained who the Lions are. Photobucket Her neighbor works in merchandising for the team. I half expect Chuck to buy a dozen roses and go introduce himself before the weekend is over.


Sewconsult said...

I hate doing garage sales, but my sister was the queen of them for many years, so for many years, I was right there with here. She finally has called it quits because of her health and the fact that her new house does not attract enough of the folks who troll the sales. Hope you all made enough money to make it worth the time and that the Lions win. (Not a sports fan, so had no clue who the Lions were!)

SkippyMom said...

Glad you are having success with the garage sale.

My husband loves the Dallas Cowboys the way yours loves the Lions. Silly men. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Sounds like you are doing well and learning a lot!