Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Thank Filled Month

Some of us may find November weather and scenery gloomy. Many are having a difficult time with the economy. We can't change the weather or fix the world by ourselves, but we can look at the bright side and remember to be thankful. Any thing that makes me smile, or better, makes me laugh, is something deserving thanks. Of course there are bigger reasons and deeper meanings for gratitude, but recognizing the small ones is good too.

I am going to attempt to post daily this month about gratitude, joining Ann at Keeping Up With The Tatums who finds that Thanksgiving is an important but neglected holiday between Halloween and Christmas. Please check out her blog by clicking on the link or by clicking on her button in the sidebar to the left.

Friday was a difficult day for my husband and me. It was the last day that all of our employees were together. My husband's business is closing after almost 19 years. The hardest part of his dream ending was first making the decision, then worry over employees. They have never been just numbers on a time card, they have been family. Many of been hired by a new company that hopefully will appreciate them as we did. Sadly, a few are looking for work at a time when Michigan's unemployment is one of the worst in the nation.

What can I possibly be happy about after saying this?

The love and thanks that were expressed on Friday as we said goodbye and best wishes to staff, and the well wishes of people we have done business with over the years was amazing. People still working in the industry as well as those who retired (willfully or not) stopped in throughout the week or came to the bar for the last farewell at the end of the day. Those who couldn't attend called or sent emails.

I know that my husband is a wonderful guy and a great employer, but to hear it from others moved me to happy tears. He is humble and would be embarrassed to know that I am writing this now. Tough nouggies baby. I am a lucky woman. The employees of his company were blessed to know one another and work well together for so many years.

A quote from Dr Seuss says it all for us at the moment:

Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I like that Dr. Seuss quote.

But it's a hard time for you right now, very sorry to hear of it.

I don't know if you go to Carmen's blog WaxedOutCreativeLife (another blogspot bloggie) but she's been posting too about being thankful for about 2 weeks now and several have joined her and it's heartening to see.

Sewconsult said...

Halloween gets little attention from me either. Both my daughters have birthdays the same week (Oct 26 & 30th). We even were celebrating today with my sister's family! Thanksgiving is very important on my side of the family as it is the only time that we all are together. As the years go by, we may add a spouse, a baby or lose a family member. There will be a new baby at the table this year, but several scattered & too far to make home. That makes me sad.

I hope that your husband's transition to the next phase will go well. Dear daughter is searching for a job in DC & am grateful that we have had the resources to keep her going until she gets something. We are praying for that to happen this week. The resources are running out & can't help her too much more. Retirement is a double edged sword! More free time @ a cheaper rate!
Beckie in Brentwood. TN

Ann Tatum said...

Thanks for joining us in the 30 Days of Thanksgiving. I loved your post. My daughter & new son-in-law live in Michigan. They're going to school in Jackson. Sure miss them! I'll check back with you later.

andrea said...

what a great idea to post about something you are grateful for...i'm stealing that and doing it on my blog also. :)
how difficult it must have been for you to have to tell these people their job was no more...but i know you, and you are wonderful, and i'm sure those employees feel the same way about you as you do about them!