Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unexpected happiness

Despite my moaning and groaning lately, I am basically a happy person and optimistic. The changes we are going through are challenging, but so is the Sudoku I work each morning and I look forward to that. I smile often. I laugh a lot. I look for humor and joy and usually find it.

When happiness, love and joy arrive unexpectedly, it takes my breath away. This isn't because I live without happiness, love and joy, but because I am so tuned in to these feelings, it is hard to surprise me. I was surprised recently and that is what today's thankful post is about.

Years ago, on a large message board that was part of HGTV (Home Talk was the forum), I became friendly with a woman who loved vintage things. Vintage was part of her board name and many of us referred to her as Vinty as a nickname. That large board began to have problems with contentious members and many small private forums were created. Vinty and I coexisted on two or three of them, but those boards were short lived and the big board at HGTV was closed.

A year or two ago I reconnected with another former poster from Home Talk who had her own blog. I don't know how she and Vinty found each other, but I was happy they did as it led me to Cami (Vinty) and her blog, Creating Myself. Go there and look around. She has a great eye for finding things at yard sales and store sales, bringing them into her home and transforming them into more than they were before her hands touched them.

Cami is the source of my recent unexpected happiness. Look at what she sent me:
Look closely....Do you see why these made Cami think of me? The ladies are knitting! They are knitting with blue yarn and black knitting needles.

These ladies are in my bedroom for now, but I think they may become part of a new knitting bag after the holidays.

Is there anything nicer than knowing someone was thinking of you? Thanks again Cami, and thank you everyone who stops here to read.


Blondie's Journal said...

If Cami isn't the sweetest!!! I noticed the knitting needles right away. These are precious pieces, Knitty.

Your first two paragraphs had me pegged. You express yourself so well and in doing so, you made me realize my own way of thinking and feeling. Thank you. Surprisingly (?), this has made my day start off better.


Kelli said...
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Kelli said...
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Kelli said...

That is WONDERFUL! :) How thoughtful of her and fortunate for you! But it just goes to show that by being a good friend, you bring out the best in others. :) Your optimism and enthusiasm are contagious, Knitty. You're a peach! :)

*Previous comments deleted to correct grammar! Sheesh! ;)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Awww Knitty, I'm truly touched by your post! I've had those for years & think of you, every time I see them. Now you'll think of me! :o)

It's no big deal really...nothing like the beautiful quilted runner you made for me (do you remember it?). I still treasure it & use it often!

Going out of town tomorrow on my annual pre-Thanksgiving trip w/ my Mom (& will be covered up w/ to-dos when I get back) so I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now. Hope it's full of good food, lots of laughs & the many blessings you deserve!

Sewconsult said...

I love your surprise! I think that the internet has brought the old fashioned penpals into the 21st century. We may not meet some of our friends face to face, but they are just as precious to us!
I have a "twin" in Canada. We have been writing daily for 7 yrs. We met on one of the sewing boards that is now defunct.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN