Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sister-in-law Getaway Weekend!

Before I say another word, I would like to apologize if someone has left a comment and I haven't responded or commented on their blog. The last two days have been much busier than usual for me, and this will likely be the case until Tuesday or Wednesday. I am writing two posts to be scheduled to post this weekend while I am away from home, and that brings me to Saturday's Thankful post.

Saturday morning my sister-in-law Beth and I are taking off. Getting out of Dodge. Doing a Thelma and Louise minus the violence. We've officially been sisters-in-law for 34 years and friends for a bit longer than that. We are both the only daughters in our childhood families. We had children born 11 days apart. She didn't forgive me for delivering first and I didn't forgive her for being in labor 2 hours compared to my 40 some hours. Ok, that's a lie. We forgave each other as soon as we were both home from the hospitals.

We're exactly alike and nothing alike. We have many common interests and a few individual ones that the other doesn't "get" at all. In all the ways that are important, we are sisters, co-horts, BFFs and allies. When the kids were little, we'd escape to Meijer's (a 24 hour chain store in Michigan) after Thanksgiving, just to get away from the kids, the turkey carcas and the brothers who happen to be our husbands.

We've gone away a few times, but nowhere near often enough. Our escapades include a lot of laughter, occasional confusion over directions, some learning experiences and did I mention laughter? We're going shopping for things we don't need and probably won't buy. Looking will suffice unless something is irresistible. We'd better go to an ATM just in case.

I am very thankful for Beth. I am thankful to my brother-in-law and each of their kids too, but Beth has a special place next to my heart, near a rib and not too far from my funny bone. In all of our years together, there are very few photos of us together. I am taking a camera this weekend and will ask strangers to take our picture. Here we are in 1980.
We don't look like this any more. We look even better. Photobucket


andrea said...

what a great post! the bonds us women make with each other is an amazing thing in itself, don't you think?!?! have a great time with beth!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're getting away for a bit and with a best friend. I enjoyed the labor friction and fogiveness and love your comment about 'near a rib and not too far from your funny bone'. Love it. Jenn

Blondie's Journal said...

This is wonderful. I so wish I had experienced the joys in life that only women can share. Well, I still have halfway to go...I guess I am a loner and I chose that. But there is something about having someone that knows you through and through...

Have fun on your trip!


carolyn said...

I enjoyed your blog today. My first visit.
You are a blessed women to have a best friend that's a sister-in-law. Enjoy your weekend away!
I plan to pop-in again