Friday, November 13, 2009

Well darn. I knew it would likely happen. I missed a day of posting in this month long challenge of writing a thankful post each day. Dismantling the business is emotionally draining for Bill and physically tiring for me. I told him yesterday that I didn't work this hard when I was on the payroll! Photobucket I used to sit at a desk, paying bills, doing payroll and creating invoices. I've come home looking like Pigpen from the Snoopy comics lately, having spent my days sorting and packing years of supplies and moving cabinets and shelves that haven't been moved in ages. There were dead creepy crawlies back there! Photobucket

Today I am home and thankful for being here. It isn't a mansion. It isn't the house I dreamed of owning.
It is much more. It is HOME.
Anyone who has been important to me and everyone I have loved has been inside this house. Every major event since our marriage has been celebrated or commiserated here. If these walls could talk, they would laugh. They would sigh. They would shed a few tears, then smile, then laugh again. Maybe even let loose a huge guffaw.

I'd better go make sure the pictures we just hung in the laundry are secure. A guffaw might knock them off.

Home really is where the heart is.


Kelli said...

Home most definitely IS where the heart is! I used to love to run around all the time and I'd try to find reasons to be on the go. Now I am such a homebody! I do my best to consolidate trips into town for groceries, errands, etc. One of my friends says that I remind her of Little House on the Prairie because I make a big deal about 'going into town'. :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments and take them to heart. Home IS where your heart is. Thank you for bringing this point to heartful relevance. :) Jenn

Blondie's Journal said...

I feel exactly as you do, Knitty. This was supposed to be our 'starter home' but it seems more likey to be our 'ender home' too!! And when I think of moving, which we are considering, to get out of the city, I know I will miss these walls and all the living that took place inside of them, almost all of it good.

I hope you and your husband give yourselves a rest this weekend. It all sounds so draining.


♥Mimi♥ said...

Like you, I sometimes think that I should have a different home, maybe in a different spot, but all in all mine is a blessing to me. In today's economy with all of the families that are having to leave their homes due to foreclosure, having a home of your own is not only something to be thankful for - it is a Godsend!

Megan said...

I remember coming to your house as a little girl and playing with Blackie. You took us somewhere and we got these baby bottles filled with candy.