Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday already????

While the cat is away, the mice will play. Or in this case, if I am the cat, while the cat was away playing, the mice were busy all weekend and the mousepad needs cleaning!

I had a wonderful time with my sister-in-law. While I was away, Bill tackled a ton of yard work because it was such a glorious weekend and so much needing doing. Our son Billy came over and washed windows for me. Bless his heart!! I can see outside instead of seeing dirt spots! The last of the door exteriors were painted (we have three doors) and has been rehung by my dear hubby.

I still have all those frames and junk important stuff to go through, but alas, I need to go back to work today. In fact, I should have left already. Without further delay, I will say that today I am thankful for Michigan's wonderful lakes.
This is Lake Huron, on the sandy shore of a park in Lexington, a small town north of Port Huron.
I can look at water forever. I love the motion. I love the color. I love that it our lakes have been here forever. I wonder who looked at the water 300 years ago and pondered some of the same things I think about.
Isn't sunshine playing on water beautiful? God sure knows how to create beauty!

I hope to catch up on blog reading and comments tomorrow as well as catching up on laundry and putting things away here at home.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oceans, lakes, ponds, you name it -water is neat to watch and ponder over. I love the last shot especially where the sunlight is glistening. Something very relaxing isn't it?! Til next time, Jenn

SmilingSally said...

How I wish that you had linked in with Blue Monday!