Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thankful for Hermione

Today is my 4th installment in a month of Thankful posts. I am thankful for my set of wheels, a Chevy HHR that I've named Hermione.

She isn't a sports car, but I am not racy.

She is dependable, efficient, and cute. All things that I aim to be.

The line of stitching runs along both sides of her and ends with sewing needles near the tail lights. The graphics are decals that were made to fit the body line of the car.

She makes strangers smile at stoplights when I catch them looking at her and wondering either what those dashed lines are, or why I have them. She has caused a woman to follow me from the parking lot into a store asking me to make her daughter's prom dress next year. I told her I didn't do that type of sewing and wasn't in business. She didn't want to believe me!

My car is a magnet for old men. I don't mean men just slightly older than I am which might be flattering. I mean the old sweethearts that don't seem to know what to do with their spare time and have forgotten how to select coordinating clothes. Photobucket They ask me questions about her engine. Huh? I know she has one. They ask me why she is painted like Levis. I gently explain that Levis have orangish stitching, not white and point out the needle on the back panel and explain that sewing is one of my hobbies. One asked me what I was doing at a Cracker Barrel in Kansas the previous week. Nothing...I've never been to Kansas, despite his being positive he saw my car there! Photobucket

My car enables me to get to the store for the essentials. Groceries. Library books. Fabric. Yarn. Paint. Scrapbooking supplies.

It gets me to my friends' homes and back.

It does all this while making me smile at the reactions I get. And it keeps me in line. I've had messages from friends who were on a freeway overpass and saw me heading north and wondered where I was going. You can't get away with anything when your car is one of a kind! Photobucket


SmilingSally said...

And it's such a beautiful BLUE!

We have almost all of our interior colors picked out. The room that has me stumped is the laundry room!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Isn't it fun when something that is so needed and so useful gives you so much joy? I can't imagine a toilet doing that but - wait - I think I might have to enter a blessing our a toilet this weekend. Believe me, you'll ♥ it!

andrea said...

my sister has a bright yellow volkswagon beetle with yellow hub caps and all...and i'm sure she would agree with you on the not getting away with anything when your car is one of a kind!!

Sewconsult said...

Where did you get the decal? I would love to have something similar, but not the same for my van. I would need different color since my van is white. I wanted a blue van when we bought the white one. The blue one didn't have the seating arrangement that we wanted. This past weekend, I had to let my 30 yr old daughter use MY van for several days. I felt like a nervous mom, letting her baby go out on a date for the first time.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Anonymous said...

I have a silver HHR. The best car I ever owned :>)

Knitty said...

My husband's business was automotive and he often worked with a company that produced decals for show cars. He had the them made for me.

Anonymous said...

I've been here before but got lost on other blogs and now I'm back. I love your comments on your car. :) Jenn still smiling