Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free time

I have always been a reader and a crafter. Even in the early years of our marriage when I was busy with young children and seeing how far I could stretch our budget, there were always books, fabric and yarn in the house. Looking back on this, I don't know how I did all that had to be done and still produced so many hand crafted items. I was more driven then I guess, and had to fill the spare moments if I wanted things to be completed.

I am thankful that Bill has always understood this need of mine. He has never objected to the time or money spent on my crafts.

When Bill began the business, I was one of three employees for months. As the business grew, the office work grew and I eventually had coworkers up front and became the office manager. Woohooo! A title! Photobucket The boys were a little older and more self sufficient. I had some free time in the evening to knit or do hand sewing if you count free time as waiting in stands during baseball and basketball practice or on a very hard chair during piano lessons.

I am thankful that crafts and reading have been my friend and time filler during those hours.

A few years ago I was able to retire from Bill's business. There was no fanfare and retirement party because I still show up occasionally, lately more than occasionally as we dismantle the business. If it weren't for the computer, I would probably be very productive with all my free time. The boys are on their own, I have no time clock to punch, and dinner doesn't have to be a multi-course gourmet affair. I still get things done, but I am not frantically driven unless there is a deadline like a birthday, a shower or that big December holiday. Photobucket People who are driven to be productive may look at me and see laziness. I struggled with guilt for a while thinking that I should do more of something now that I am not working until one day I woke up and realized something. If I give up the guilt, I am happy.

I am very happy and very lucky to have the time and means to do what I want. And for that, I am very thankful.


Sewconsult said...

Are you my long lost twin? While I have been a homemaker for most of my life, I have had several short term jobs over the years. My mother asked me once if I ever planned to use my college degree. I was shocked at the fact that she would ever ask such. My degree is education. I gathered all the control I could and answered. " my most important job is raising the most wonderful 2 little girls in the world". No regrets. I have sewn costumes, been head room-mother for umpteen years, always been able to bake for the last minute bake sale that they forgot to mention until the night before.
Thanks...I needed to remind myself that those years were certainly well spent. I am thankful that I had the ability to be at home during those years. We sacrificed vacations, many things that most "just have to have". I now have all the free time in the world & sometimes need a bit of direction. Love reading here.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your post. I quit to retire w/my husband. It's been a tough transition at times. I wish I were better at managing my time and feel guilty. But I put in my days at the office and missed vacations, etc. So. I guess that's fine. I missed the previous post somehow and read it too. Way to go, giving thanks for the people who surround us in various ways and make our lives easier and better - those which get mistreated. I feel like you do about that issue. See ya next time, Jenn

♥Mimi♥ said...

Never, ever regret giving quality time to yourself - especially when it is well deserved. To be able to be home to do what pleases your soul is a blessing to be so thankful for - all of the time.