Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Celebrations

I'm a few days late in posting this. I should check to see if there is a Procrastination Month. Oh well, there is still plenty of time to celebrate all that May brings us according to my handy dandy calendar.

May 1:  May Day  (not to be confused with Mayday! yelled when the contents of a closet spills out on you) 
May 2: Brothers and Sisters Day  (although I don't think the originators had this TV show in mind)
May 4:  National Teachers Day (Do you recognize this teacher and can you name the movie? Answer at end of post)
May 5:  Cinco de Mayo  (Margarita, anyone?)
May 6:  Nurse's Day (I went to nursing school for one semester but I wasn't cut out for it. Kudos to all who are members of this noble group)
May 8:  No Socks Day  (Wiggle those toes!)
May 9:  Mother's Day  (All of us mother something even if we don't have human children, pets and plants included)
May 10:  Windmill Day (remember this famous Don Quixote quote "Ho, there, foul monster! Cease the knocking at thy craven knees and prepare to do battle!"  I don't do well without my glasses either)
May 12:  Limerick Day (Wow, there are a lot of limericks not fit for a PG rated blog!)
May 15:  Armed Forces Day
May 17:  Victoria Day  (Hi neighbors! I am 30 minutes from Windsor)
May 18:  Visit Your Relatives Day (but don't stay longer than 3 days. Fish and house guests begin to stink after 3 days)
May 20:  Pick Strawberries Day  (I pick mine at Kroger or the fruit market)
May 21:  American Red Cross Founder's Day
May 23:  Lucky Penny Day (See a penny, pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck)
May 25: National Tap Dance Day  (Who do you think of first? Fred Astaire? Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Shirley Temple? Gregory Hines? Savion Glover?)
May 31:  Memorial Day (I love fireworks!)
The birthstone for May is the Emerald and the birth flower is Lily of the Valley
This month is also Women's Health Care Month, Physical Fitness Month and National Military Appreciation Month.
The actress and movie in the teacher photo is Doris Day in the movie Teacher's Pet.
Go forth and celebrate the month of May!


The Urban Chic said...

Knit do I have to bake a cake for each of these days-lol. Love all the different days, but especially this Sunday when I can kick off my shoes and be waited on. Of course my children won't be here to celebrate, but they never forget me and call me and it makes my day. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Love and hugs, Pat

Blondie's Journal said...

I love when you do these posts. A lot of reasons to celebrate and I like doing that. Loved the limerick!!


Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I love your holiday posts! I learn a lot and laugh at lot -- you are so funny in your quips!

Chatty Crone said...

I LOVED this blog - quite interesting. You did a lot of work on it. There sure is a lot going on in May. We can celebrate every day.