Sunday, May 2, 2010

A look back at my wedding

In looking for information for a family tree project, I came across some of our wedding receipts and my handwritten notes regarding the vows and music selection.  We were married in 1975, a time when writing your own vows and selecting a lot of your own music was the thing to do. There was secular music also, but I didn't find links to those passages. A nun sang some of the songs. She was in a long pink dress, similar to my bridesmaids. Some of Bill's single friends were very interested, then very disappointed to find out that she wasn't my sister, but a Sister. Photobucket

These photos don't really go with the music links. The music was from the church ceremony, I added photos that I had already scanned and stored on my hard drive.

Entrance music:  To Fill the World With Love  and   Love Story Theme
Processional: The Wedding Song
Music between readings: Day By Day
Music during candle lighting ceremony: Color My World
Offertory music: If
And if a picture does paint a thousand words, what does this one say?  (Actually it says that Bill's buddies were trying to help him keep his white tux clean)
During communion: Let There Be Peace on Earth
Recessional Music: We've Only Just Begun   and   I Can't Help Falling in Love With You

At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I can't believe how much everything has gone up in price, even if we are talking 35 years!  Receptions here in the SE Michigan area were typically at Knights of Columbus or Amvet halls. Our wedding guest list had 100 people, with approximately 80 in attendance that evening.

The cost of the hall, food, liquor and table decorations was $600.90
The cake was chocolate with butter cream icing: $65.71
Invitations: $43.11
Church flowers, bouquets, boutonnieres and 100 feet of white runner for church aisle: $107.64
The band played from 9 PM - 1 AM: $180.00

I don't have the receipt for the photographer, but I think that bill was $150 and we have a large album plus all the proofs in two smaller albums. My dress had been a display model in a bridal store, but I bought it in a bridal resale shop. With the photographer and my dress we still came in under our budget of $1500 which felt like a lot of money back then!

I think my son and daughter-in-law's wedding is going to be a wee bit more expensive. Photobucket
If they're as happy in 35 years, whatever their wedding costs, it will be worth every penny.


Chatty Crone said...

Gosh you looked happy.

And you kept your receipts for all that.

How does a nun wear pink?

We had We've only just Begun too.

I'll be married 36 years May 11.


Charli and me said...

What a beautiful bride you were! I love that you had a nun sing at your wedding. Weddings have always cost a lot of money. I have always thought they were so beautiful though. Now a days I do think they are getting carried away. Some of those platinum weddings on TV are just unbelievable but I do like watching that program. At our parish I noticed some brides and grooms are getting married during mass to cut costs. The two or three I've seen were actually very beautiful.

Sewconsult said...

You look beautiful. I belonged to a very large Baptist Church, where my family was very active & my dad was a prominent business man, so we had a big wedding guest list. It's been almost 38 yrs. We had over 300 guests in attendance. The reception was at a catering place in the afternoon. Sit down dinners were not the thing back then in our Southern city. I didn't have a budget, so I have no idea what the reception cost. I do know that we paid $25 extra to have a 3 layer cake in addition to the sheet cakes that were cut for the guests. Finger sandwiches and fruit were served with the cake. My parents hosted a dinner that night for out of town guests. DH & I didn't attend that, which I regret. I do still have our cake topper which was a combination of large satin bells & faux lily of the valley flowers.
Thanks for the memory jog.
Beckie who is trying to dry out in the Nashville area.

SmilingSally said...

LOL Your son's rehearsal dinner will probably cost as much as your wedding!