Saturday, May 22, 2010

A funny that got funnier

This past Thursday I thought I would take a video of Colton playing on his floor gym and send it in an email to his mommy at work. Originally I didn't intend to share it here. What happened was funny to us, but not necessarily funny to the world (oh wait....I forgot about America's Funniest Videos! ) The clip isn't that long, and the key to this post occurs 7 seconds in to the video. Be sure to have your sound on.

Ok, so what we had was one of those moments you just can't predict would happen. Miraculously I maintained my composure while the camera was recording. I didn't shake or snort, both of which have been heard on other clips when something strikes me as funny.

Kim (Mommy) thought it was funny. I sent this to her mom later that day. Yesterday Kim spoke to her mom who commented that she received the picture that I sent, and that Colton looked like a great aunt on Kim's mother's side of the family. So much so, in fact, that Kim's mom sent the clip to the great aunt who is in her late 80s.

Kim asked her mom if she had played the video or just looked at the still shot. Yes, her mom played the video. Had she listened to it? No, she hadn't. Kim's mom is hard of hearing and needs the volume turned up all the way to hear things. Their computer is in the bedroom and since Kim's dad was already asleep, her mom had the volume off.

Kim began to laugh and told her mom to go play the video with the sound on while Kim waited on the phone. Mom thought the video was funny, but what was funnier still is that she sent this to her aunt and told her that Colton is just like her! 


We can only hope the aunt has a good sense of humor or maybe she doesn't have her volume on either!


Chatty Crone said...

Kids make life so much more enjoyable! sandie

LemonyRenee' said...

LOL! Too funny . . . on all fronts!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh boy...! That is too funny!

Nettie said...

That's hilarious...a real laugh out loud moment that's for sure...

Anonymous said...

Your little grandson is just adorable ♥ Isn't it amazing how they entertain themselves. This was so cute. It made my day :>)