Friday, October 16, 2009

Lucky in love and loving friendships

Isn't the saying "Unlucky in cards, but lucky in love" or something close to that?

I can play Pinochle and Euchre, but would never brag about my prowess in either. I am much luckier in love. Besides my dear husband, I am lucky in my friendships. I am still friends with a girl from kindergarten. I have terrific friendships with many neighbors, two in particular. My sister-in-law that lives nearby was probably meant to be my biological sister but our moms didn't get the message. Good thing we found each other through the brothers we married. A two hour class at adult education years ago brought a friendship that has given me joy, comfort and many shared hours of happiness during the pursuit of shared hobbies.

A surprise to me were the friendships formed on a large message board that no longer exists, but resulted in roughly a dozen of us forming our own forum where we check in at least once a day. This group reminds me of the neighbors my mom had when I was growing up. We share sorrows, joys, pictures of our kids and discuss what we're having for dinner. Yet another surprise has been blogging friendships. Haven't you read something on a blog that resonates within you? You might not know the author's given name yet, but you know you've found another friend.

Yesterday brought a surprise visit from a friend I met through my sons' elementary school. After volunteering together, Ree and I became part of a circle of friends who got together for wonderfully silly parties that celebrated friendships, motherhood and grandmotherhood. Ree became famous for hosting grandma-to-be showers. The first one was done when one of our group was surprised by her daughter's unexpected pregnancy. Over the years most of the group was the guest of honor as one by one they became grandmas for the first time. There has been more than just a few years gap since the last shower. I was beginning to feel destined to be always the bridesmaid...

Guess whose turn is coming up? Photobucket

You have to love the internet and how it has changed communication. Ree's daughter read my younger son's comment on Facebook that he was going to become an uncle to a nephew. Her daughter called her to tell her the news. Ree called a mutual friend to get the background story and showed up yesterday with a gift for the parents to be. Ree is a collector of useable items within her family, a yard sale queen and a clearance sale genius. In her letter to Chuck and Kim, she said she hoped they would accept these hand me downs. You should see these outfits. They are in pristine condition! I was tempted to unpack the basket, but didn't want to spoil the arrangement for Kim and Chuck. There are 30 outfits in there!
I was so happy, I baked a cake. I went to the cake and candy supply store for babies and bibs molded sugar decorations to add to the otherwise plain cake.

Life is good, especially with loving family and friends. I am truly blessed.


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Congratulations. There is nothing like being a grandparent. I have four and the baby is now in kindergarden.

Sewconsult said...

That's a wonderful friend! Love the little sugar decorations AND the Fenton Cake plate. I would love to find on for myself.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN
p.s. Coffee, black. Please & thank you.

Sewconsult said...

Thanks for leaving the comment & being a follower. We do have several similarities. Isn't fence sitting wonderful! It allows one to make a fast move to the other side when necessary. Politically, I think it is called Independent, because it sound fancier than fence sitting!
Beckie in Brentwood, TN