Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween fun

Never mind that my kids are 29 and 31 years old .... they're still my kids and will likely get silly stuff from me until the day comes that I can no longer hold onto a craft tool. Thanks to having a soon-t0-be daughter-in-law on the scene (not to mention a grandbaby in March!), I can expand my repertoire to include the feminine side of fun.

Here we have a bat candy bar wrapper, a mummy goodie container and for Kim, a witch's shoe Halloween greeting.
Kim has a thing for shoes. I have a thing for cute. I found the template for the shoe here

On the inside, I wrote Witching Shoe A Happy Halloween.
I may not be as corny as Kansas in August (can you name that musical?) but I am as sweet as candy corn.
I haven't made cards for my sons yet. I am still looking for inspiration. Each of these 3 big kids will get a bat, and so will Bill. When I have all four ready, I am going to cut an adhesive Velcro square into quarters and use one on each bat's wings to hold them closed. Hmmm, out of a 6 pack of Hershey candy bars, two will be leftover. I guess I will have to eat them. It would be a shame to have them melt on my desk and make a mess....
Visit Skip to my Lou for info on the bat wrapper and mummy container. Links on her page will take you to the bat template and to the mummy container, that link will be below the second bat wrapper photo. The mummy is a toilet tissue cardboard tube with candy inside, wrapped in white crepe paper with googly eyes added. If I have two more tubes by the end of the week, each of the kids will get a mummy too. I think they'll each need a tag that says Mummy loves you.

I have carry out containers to fill before the weekend, two of the black ones for the boys and the orange one for Kim.

I hope everyone has a Spooktacular week with nothing scarier around them than a 50-something year old woman enjoying the season!

P.S. My house must be haunted! One of those spare candy bars has disappeared! Now that's scary! Photobucket


Charli and me said...

Good morning, I love the little gifts you made for your family. They are so cute! I'm heading over to that site. Thank you. I'm still giggling over the comment you left on my post. I hope you have a spooktacular day ♥

Sewconsult said...

What cute ideas! My younger daughter is 30 today & the older will be 34 on Friday. My (deceased) mother-in-law's birthday was Halloween...which was very appropriate, because she could be a real...
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

That's wonderful Knitty, kids are never too old to get love and treats from their Mom. Hugs, Cindy

elledee said...

cute cute cute! This is everything I've done for Halloween so far:

SmilingSally said...

Cute ideas. I especially like that shoe.

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello darling, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and best wishes. I am one lucky girl to have you as a friend; you truly are the gem in my teacup. I am now off to stroll around your blog to see what I have missed.

Love & Hugs