Monday, October 5, 2009

Craft Tools: Sewing

I have a wonderful sewing machine, a Viking Designer SE. It is not the latest and greatest in the Viking line and I still have not used all the features, but that is ok. If you have ever had a machine that caused you more pain than joy, that caused you to use swear words that would make a merchant marine blush, and that you hated to get out of the closet or cabinet even to sew a simple seam, you would be amazed at what a good machine can do. I am not putting down any make or model of machine. If yours works well and you only use it a few times per year, you probably have the right machine for your needs. I didn't know I needed a Viking until I sat down to one at a demonstration years ok. One monogrammed initial and I was hooked. Not just by the monogramming...let's face it, you don't monogram every day you use the machine. It was how the machine ran, how it threaded, how it automatically clipped the threads and how easy it was to use with the touch screen.

Being the compulsive craft tool person that I am, the machine alone wasn't enough. I got the embroidery unit also. The first photo is my actual sewing machine. The second is a stock photo from the internet showing the embroidery unit in place.

I really, really love my sewing machine.

What should I sew? There are plenty of ideas on this shelf of books. SOme are techniques, some are gift ideas to sew, and many are quilt books. I must admit, I prefer doing baby quilts, wall quilts and table runners. Whether I am lazy or antsy to move on to the next project is open to debate, but smaller projects get done while big ones sometimes linger for a l-o-n-g time.

Didn't find anything in a book you'd like? Here are boxes of patterns and a bin with coordinating fat quarters for a quilt project. There is another covered bin of patterns inside a cabinet that I forgot to take out to photograph. My craft room is full. Very full.

Inside the closet are bins full of fabric. I am going to use it all. Honest. I just have to live long enough, stop blogging, cooking, cleaning, sleeping and doing other crafts. The large bins hold large amounts of fabric and quilt kits. The small bins on the shelf hold fat quarters, organized by color.

I have small bins in another area that hold zippers, snaps, buttons, Velcro and an assortment of tools and trims that I use, but don't need at hand all the time. My go-to sewing basket is actually a plastic tackle box.

I have containers of regular thread that I didn't photograph, along with one of embroidery floss and a Christmas tin full of Perle cotton. That and the floss would be for hand embroidery. This box is full of rayon thread that is used for machine embroidery.

The ironing board and iron weren't photographed because you all know what they look like anyway. Besides, my ironing board cover looks pathetic, but it is intact and I like the markings on it. My iron is a Rowenta. I have to say this: a good iron, just like a good machine, makes a world of difference. Good tools make the job go better and therefore, the job or hobby is more fun.
Thank goodness Bill doesn't have a blog or know how to come here and comment on mine. He just might embarrass me by telling you how long he sometimes has to wait to get a button sewn on a shirt.

Creating is ever so much more fun than mending!

*Oops! I just realized that the picture of the red Eye Spy quilt in the upper right of the mosaic is a photo of an unfinished quilt. It did get a binding and was finished. Honest. It was a gift.


Blondie's Journal said...


I am so enjoying seeing all of your crafting and sewing things. Each post makes me realize more and more what a talented. creative (and organized) lady you are!! I admire your sewing talents and hope that I can only be half as good as you once I know what the heck I am doing!!

P.S. Love your new blog design

Knitty said...

Thanks! My best advice: Don't be too critical of yourself. I spent years telling people what was wrong with something they had just complemented. No one needs to hear that, including myself (yourself). Enjoy the process and things get better with practice. :)

Nettie said...

I used to have an old wardrobe chock a block full of fabric remnants. I used to sew lots of clothes for my 4 children when they were little. The remnants were quite large pieces of fabric...bolt ends mostly (1m to 2m lengths sold by the kilo) that I used to get for a good price from a fabric factory place. I had tshirt type fabrics mostly plus sweatshirt fabric & the ribbing for the neckline, waistbands & cuffs. However, about 7 yrs ago I decided that I hadn't touched any of the stash for quite a number of years so I ended up putting about a dozen crammed full garbage bags into a local charity bin. I kept the smallest amount of fabric though...cotton non stretch types of fabrics of which I haven't done anything with either...oops! But, one day I will...truly...I will...just not sure when that day will be though!
Now, instead, I tend to buy way too much pretty scrapbook papers & assorted other craft items that of course I sooo need to have...hahaha

Sewconsult said...

I too have a fabric addiction, along with embroidery thread, sewing & quilting books, notions, gadgets & scissors, galore. Now to overcome my computer addiction & get back to sewing...that's my problem these days. You could have easily taken those pictures in my sewing room. Don't you love all things sewing?
I have a Babylock Ellageo (with embroidery) & a Babylock Espire (sewing only). They are both great.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Anonymous said...

Good morning Knitty, I love how you have organized your sewing room. I have sewing things all over the place and you are a real inspiration. I have an old out dated sewing machine which I hate. Just threading the bobin is such a frustration that I give up. Your sewing machine sounds awesome. Maybe that's what I need to get myself crafting :>) I hope you have a beautiful day. I also hope you will share some of your finished crafts with us.