Thursday, October 1, 2009

Craft Tools: Paper crafts

The paper part of scrapbooking and cardmaking might make you think that this hobby would be less expensive and less space consuming. That might be true for normal people, but do you honestly know any hobby lover who is normal?

Here are four shelves almost exclusively dedicated to paper crafts. The two containers on top have ribbons for embellishments, the little crate has bottles of paper flowers and the book called Sentiments is an idea source for what to say in cards. The next shelf is all paper, and the following two are more embellishments, ink pads, paper cutters, envelopes, scraps too good to toss, glues, tapes and Lord only knows what else!

The bottom shelf holds some of my stamps and Sizzix dies. I have a Sizzix Big Shot and a Cricut that aren't on the open shelves.

Don't tell Bill that these are both die cutters. He might think they do the same thing and having both is unnecessary.
Hey, he has more than one wrench, right?

The stack of drawers on the left holds these stamps

On my counter sits this box bought at a yard sale two years ago. It looks like a tool box, right? Well it is. Sorta. It holds my tools.... more rubber stamps.

This clipboard was decorated in a class and holds ideas of things I intend to make. If I hadn't taken this picture when I first brought it home, you would not know what it looks like. It is a little too full at the moment to photograph.

This bag holds the basic tools and is easy to move to another room, to the cottage or to a class.

Some cards are simple to put together, others take a bit more time.

I have made many of these accordion fold picture holders for family and friends.
And this waterfall card is another favorite of mine.
Bill would like you all to buy stock in Joann's and Michaels. He is proud of me for stimulating the craft economy. He doesn't know about the new Hobby Lobby that openned near here. I think I can speak on his stock in that company too. Photobucket


Blondie's Journal said...


The fact that it has taken you three posts already to share all of your crafting supplies sure says something about how much you love creating. I think it is great!!

I was into crafting cards for a bit and have tons of paper, stamps embellishments, etc...I really wasn't any good but I still have all of my stuff (most in a plastic bin like yours and a huge hatbox). I love the accordian card you made. Maybe I should have taken classes..

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Knitty!!


Nettie said...

As far a crafting tools etc's on a need to know basis & hubbie's definitely DON'T need to know...ahahaha
I've more craft supplies then could sink a ship...but it's half the fun just buying all that stuff isn't it now?...It is, isn't it?
I have a vacant room which was once my 3 girls bedroom which houses all my craft stuff & now seems my youngest daughters stuff too...well at least quite a few of her "works in progress". I relegated her stuff to a box in the corner of my craftroom...the box is getting smaller & smaller with all her stuff piling up in it...hahaha
Well, guess I should go see what I should make? Christmas cards are way up there on the top of the "do do" list at the moment.
Have a great weekend
Love Nettie