Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rabbit! Rabbit!

November 1st, time to say Rabbit! Rabbit! again for good luck!
According to Damon Jacobs, today is Give Up Your Shoulds Day.  Here is a brief quote from that highlighted site:
For one day, you are invited to give up a certain "should" that leads to stress, guilt, misery, or any sort of sadness. Some examples of "shoulds" people gave up last year included:
I should clean the house
I should go to the gym
I should be making more money
I should lose weight
I shouldn't still be grieving this loss
I should be getting more work done
I should call my parents more often
I should stop eating the leftover Halloween candy
I certainly agree with giving up most of those but wish I still could call my parents. I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace the last one, are you? I shouldn't feel any pressure to do that, should I?
The weather last night wasn't the worst I've seen for Trick or Treating but it certainly wasn't pleasant. I've learned over the years that not every community celebrates (or even allows) Trick or Treating on the same date or time. In the greater Detroit area it is still done on October 31st, beginning at dusk (6:00 is the norm in my town) and ending when porch lights go out.
There is no need to be afraid on my street because we have a new SWAT officer on patrol.

Unfortunately the entire world can't be cleaned up and protected by a plastic badge and toy handcuffs, but I sure feel lucky and loved when Officer Colton is by my side.  What more could a grandma ask for on this chilly November day?

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Rudee said...

I love a MIU (man in uniform)!