Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wedding gown re-do

A friend of mine has two daughters. One of them is getting married next month. The bride has a young son (5) and groom has a slightly older son (9). My friend asked if I could make ring bearer pillows out of her wedding gown.

* Gulp *

I had no qualms about helping her out, but cutting a wedding gown was somehow intimidating. I took a deep breath, got out the scissors and started cutting....

The purple fabric is from a sample of the bridesmaids dresses. More about the lace pillow in a minute.
Both ring bearer pillows (shown on either end) have ribbon through the entwined heart charms that could hold rings. It is up the bride if that will be the case or even if the ribbon will be used. It can easily be removed if she so desires.
The pillows are 10" square. I had no idea what size to make the pillows. The purple fabric sample, the usable parts of the wedding gown and the size of the boys led me to this dimension. My friend's gown was A-line in style, something common back when she and I were married. Cutting two 11" squares for each pillow took most of the usable skirt fabric. Seams and some staining had to be avoided.
I used polyester batting, folded to make four layers, as the pillow form. Loose polyester seemed lumpy. The white ribbon has a bit of irridesence to it. The entwined heart charms are a Wilton product.

My friend asked if I could make a keepsake pillow for her other daughter. I used skirt fabric to make the pillow and lace from her bodice to cover the top of the pillow. Notice some fullness in the bottom of the lace pillow in the photo above? It is one of the darts. I cut fabric away from the lace, including trimming the darts themselves, but didn't want to open the darts in case the lace had disintegrated or had been cut during dress construction.
I am pleased with the results but more pleased that my friend is happy!

I'm thinking about my gown now. It has been packed away for 37 years. I didn't save an invitation or matchbook (common favor in 1975) from my wedding but I'm thinking about using part of my dress as the background in a shadow box with family photos added. I'm going to wait a few years though in case Colton ever has a little sister. I don't expect her to wear my dress as a bride, but what a dress up costume it would make!


Blondie's Journal said...

You did a wonderful job, Knitty! The keepsake pillow is really a treasure!


michelle said...

Very nice.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey you are talented! I have to keep that in mind! lol sandie