Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday moaning

The weather is like my hair in the shower. Gray, wet and messy.

My mood isn't truly gray so what am I moaning about? Some people on Facebook are still posting pot shots at the other party even though the election is over. Gloating and mud slinging aren't good for the country and aren't healthy for any individual. I am reading there less and enjoying life more.

Speaking of hair, my hair and nails seem to like the Biotin I've added to my daily regimen. I had to cut my nails yesterday after discovering I could not manipulate the release on the shoulder harness to my grandson's car seat. My thumb nails were too long to get in there and push properly. My bangs seem to have sprouted overnight and need trimming. I promise not to do that myself. Even if it is tempting. That isn't really a complaint, is it? Just a little moan?

A sock knitting project has turned into a Goldilocks story. The first pair turned out well. The second pair, using a different yarn, is a fairy tale. Size 1 needles were too big (like the too hard bed and too hot porridge). Size 0 needles were too small (like Mama Bear's mattress and grub). I am waiting the arrival of baby bear's metric size 2.25 to start them again.

The scarf that I referred to as being knit with cobwebs is doing better. Its life was in jeopardy when I had to unknit 6 rows to correct a mistake that someone made
 The pesky little fibers that make up the fuzz of mohair decided in some sections to hold hands, hanging on for dear life, as I swore at coaxed them into cooperation. I guess my knitting moan is more of a sigh. Hard to believe I do this for fun, isn't it?

I will be putting on my superwoman cape (waterproof version today) and beginning a big sewing project. Tonight I have Copic Club, also known as playing with markers, at the nearby scrapbooking store. Don't worry. I won't run with scissors.


Blondie's Journal said...

We have sun here after a rainy weekend, although snow was predicted! lol! I'm curious about the biotin...what do you take it for besides the obvious glam nails and hair?

Happy knitting and scrapbooking!


LoLy said...

Oh plzzzzzzzzzzz, pass me one of these superwoman cape .. I need one since i am PMSing and my mood sux :p


Rudee said...

I hear this FB complaint from everyone it seems. I wouldn't know. I've been adamantly antiFB and apparently that's serving me well.

I hate to break it to you, but our friend, Gauge? She's a bitch. When she trips me up like that, I switch to using two separate needle sizes. If using dpns, you could use 2 size zeroes and 2 size ones. Your solution is best, of course, but my suggestion could work in a pinch.

I am not complaining...but the weather? It sucks. I went into the hospital at 9AM and it was 54 degrees. I left at 2PM and it was 39 degrees. I'm still cold!