Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whew! I've survived another election!  If you are happy with the election results, congratulations. If you aren't, my condolences. I am happy that a definitive conclusion came about as quickly as it did. I feared problems or protests would drag this on for days.

I hope both parties learned something about the voters during this election. My fear is that the two parties have become such big businesses, they don't truly listen to us, the voters, despite all the polling. To me, it feels like they react to a poll by attempting to put a favorable spin on things. Is either party really listening to what the majority of us wants, or are they running with their own interests and answering to lobbyists and mega bucks contributors, then attempting to tell us what we want and need?

My wish now is that both parties will realize that compromise is not defeat and that we are ALL in this together. I am not so involved in politics that I personally witness elected officials of one party immediately disregarding anything said or offered by someone of the opposite party, but I sure have seen plenty of that among voters lately. That is as political as I intend to get.

Peace, bipartisan peace, to all.


Rudee said...

Amen. Was so relieved to see how the US Senate panned out.

Chatty Crone said...

Well, it is over that is for sure. sandie