Monday, August 27, 2012

A little bragging

For a bazillion years, hubby had his own business with close to 40 employees at its peak. It was really only 20 years, but business ownership years are like dog years, only the ratio is greater. I don't say this as a complaint really. Hubby loved what he did, we had great employees (I say "we" as I was the office manager for most of those years along with being the corporate secretary) and we have wonderful memories. The downside of many businesses is that it hard to get away. It is like having another child, one who can be very demanding. Even a trustworthy babysitter doesn't free you from worry when you are away for long.

In retirement, hubby is ready to golf at the chirp of his cell phone. Does anyone know of a golf themed ring tone? I told him if I found one, I was programming his phone with it for when his golf buddies call.

If you've followed me here since the birth of our grandson, you know that Bill is also enjoying being a grandpa. Colton is his buddy. I'm still good for snacks and getting comfortable for naps, but grandpa is Colton's boisterous playmate.

So what does hubby do when he doesn't have a golf date and Colton isn't here? More and more, he works with wood. He is self taught. He examines construction of existing things here or when he is out and about. He watches shows on HGTV and DIY and with each thing he constructs, he gets a bit better.

He has remodeled a good portion of our older son's basement, building walls where there weren't any, adding shelves in work areas and decorative shelving behind the bar to hold both glasses and Detroit Lion's collectibles.
In our younger son's home he built a simple narrow cabinet to fit between the stove and refrigerator. It was one of those odd sizes, not stock, that would have cost more than a ready made cabinet three times it size. The biggest plus isn't the cabinet space but the counter top that holds a spoon rest, timer and a place to set pot holders when our son is cooking. I think that happens 2-3 times a year. (hehehe) He made a replacement table top that turned out well.
From lumber on hand, he built a swing set for our backyard. The only purchases were the swing seats and chains.
The bedroom at our cottage is small and we don't have a headboard on our bed, something that has been on our to-do or to-find list for years with a low priority. Bill is going to make one, but decided to experiment by making a headboard for a twin bed here at the house first.

These pictures aren't the best quality and turned out yellow due to lighting conditions, but you get the idea. The bed normally has more pillows on it, but this shows the headboard.
This one got a bit blurry when I enlarged it but it shows the detail on the corner posts.
Hubby is about to tackle plumbing in the laundry area and replace the tub with a new one that he will enclose with a simple cabinet. I've had fabric skirts velcroed to the front of the tub for years. It was better than looking at the trap and cleaning supplies stored underneath, but not as nice as a cabinet will be!

Next week is our 37th anniversary. I'm definitely keeping him and I think he is willing to keep me. I'd be too expensive to get rid of...."cheaper to keep her"  ya know!


Sewconsult said...

Happy Anniversary! Yes, you may certainly brag on your dear husband. I don't brag on mine often enough! All the projects that your DH has made have love built into them. Good luck with the headboard for the cottage. I think the twin one turned out well.

SkippyMom said...

Your pics have jaundice. giggle

I am kidding - your husband is amazing. I love when someone can teach themselves something and work at it until it looks as tho' they have been doing it for years. [My Dad did this with computers b/c they were the "rage".]

I can't get over the craftsmanship - the bar? That table and headboard are schweet looking and have a craftsman style to them. LOVE.

I like the idea of the golf ring tone. I am going to ask Pooldad and my beloved FIL [MY golfers here] I am sure they can think of something.

Isn't retirement grand? And congrats on your anniversary. 37 years is quite the milestone. Enjoy yourselves.

michelle said...

Wow, he did a great job!

Dave is also into woodworking and has built a dining room table and ladder back chairs and is getting ready to build the four poster bed I've always wanted.