Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4: Mustard Day, U.S. Coast Guard Day & Chocolate Chip Day!

Did you all observe National Ice Cream Day on Aug 2?  I did, and I wasn't aware that it was that holiday. I love ice cream but try not to indulge often anymore. Sadly, the ice cream I had a local restaurant that night wasn't even very good. The hot fudge sauce was terrible, and you have to go a long way for me to complain about ice cream and hot fudge. The sundae didn't look anywhere near as good as the one in this photo.
Yesterday, August 3rd, was National Watermelon Day.  I didn't observe that. I love the shade of pink often called watermelon. I like watermelon prints. I like the idea of watermelon, but eating actual thanks. I know, I know, almost everyone likes or loves it. My digestive system doesn't handle melons and cucumbers well (did you know melons and cukes are related?). Both leave an after taste that isn't pleasant and cause me to belch and that really isn't pleasant.

Today, August 4th is U.S. Coast Guard Day; National Mustard Day (observed on the first Saturday of August); President Obama's birthday and my personal favorite: National Chocolate Chip Day!

There is a Coast Guard Station near where I live but I don't think they need me to drop by and say anything. Security as it is these days, I don't know if people can just drop in anyway. As for mustard, I use it in cooking, but it isn't a condiment that I personally use. I could wear Coast Guard whites and eat a hotdog without fear of mustard stains. Ketchup might be another matter though.
Regardless of individual political beliefs, I would like to think that everyone would wish our president (and by this mean any of them while in office) well on their birthday. I'm "old school" in honoring the office even when I have been disappointed with the person in it. That is a general statement and doesn't imply anything. I like to say politically neutral here.
Photo from ABC News
Let's leave that alone and get to good stuff....chocolate chips!
I've met a few people who don't like chocolate. After my initial shock when encountering that phenomena, I realized that for every person who doesn't like chocolate, there is more for the rest of us!  As long as this guy isn't around....
Have a sweet day, watch out for mustard stains, give thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard and if you are baking chocolate chip cookies or making good hot fudge sundaes, give me a call.


Jaclyn Hicks said...

I had no idea about all the holidays! I, too, agree with wishing well on birthdays! Have a wonderful weekend.

LoLy said...

Love it :D