Friday, August 17, 2012

Grandson versus the cupcake

Yesterday I left Pinterest alone long enough to make something I saw on Pinterest, these cupcakes:
I used full size Nilla wafers (Nabisco) cut in half for the ears. I think the mini wafers would have been a better choice. Live and learn. The face/snout is a cookie with an edge sliced off. Eyes, nostrils and mouth and black and red decorating gels.
Did they please His Highness, the Prince of Sweetness?

Why yes, yes they did. The little cannibal ate the vanilla wafers first, then dug into the chocolate.

Whadya mean I can only have one?!


Chatty Crone said...


Sewconsult said...

Looks like the cupcake definitely lost that battle! You did a great job of decorating the cupcakes with the monkey faces. I should do some cookie baking, but then someone would have to eat them!
Have a good weekend,