Saturday, August 25, 2012

Helloooooo Saturday

I've had an odd week and am glad the weekend is here. Funny that a retiree should still feel different on a Saturday, isn't it?

Just this morning, at 5:15 to be exact, I was thinking about Saturday morning cartoons that were a staple of my childhood. I wasn't up long at 0'dark-thirty, just long enough to wish hubby well as he left for golf and scan a few channels to see if there was anything worth watching should sleep not return. The shows that I like on PBS weren't on that early, not even the local news which starts at 4:30 on week days was on. It was mostly infomercials. One of the cartoon channels had the Flintstones on. I like them but was really hoping for a Warner Brothers fix.
I'm not really into drinking all the drinks in this graphic, but I am into having all kinds of fun with fun being a personal definition. I was supposed to have been in a class today from 10:30-4:30. With the drive time involved, I would have been at least 7.5 hours. It was a class that I'd been looking forward to, so getting a message yesterday that it had been canceled was a big disappointment.

Gosh, is my childhood really gone? Not only are the old cartoons gone on Saturday morning, I was looking forward to a class! On a Saturday!

Remember how the years of cartoon watching on Saturday mornings were replaced with sleeping in as teenagers and then in our twenties, for many (most?) of us, at least occasionally, sleeping in late on Saturday because Friday night had been full of the drinks displayed above?

With the "must do" items completed yesterday in anticipation of being gone all day today, I suddenly have the day wide open and I am ready to have a good time. By my definition. I plan to sew a little. I will knit a little while watching the PBS programs that recorded after I went back to bed this morning. And later I will read a little. A nearly perfect day!

Sufferin' succotash, I would sound boring to the child who loved cartoons, to the teen who was a night owl, and to the young woman who liked to shake off the work week on Friday nights! I'm glad I enjoyed all those stages and still occasionally revisit them. I am thankful that hubby and I have the time and ability to do the things we enjoy.  I hope that is true for all of you. If not today, then I hope you have the opportunity soon.



Chatty Crone said...

I loved the Flintstones and the Jetsons. Not too much with the Looney-Toons - although I have great memories of my husband and son watching them on Saturday mornings together in bed.


Rudee said...

You know, you can watch all those old Looney-Toons on youtube, right? My daughter loves old cartoons, and the older, the better. The ones from the 1930s and 1940s seem to be the best.

Enjoy your unexpected freedom today. After 1 month off work, I go back on Monday. I'm kind of sad, but kind of ready. I miss the cash infusion every 2 weeks!

Blondie's Journal said...

I got to watch cartoons well into my thirties with the kids...and of course all the Disney movies. That sure brought my childhood back. I did love when they started to sleep later, only to be annoyed in their teenage years that they weren't up to do their chores! lol!

Since I don't work outside the house, Saturdays only seems different since the husband is home. Love that!


LoLy said...

WOW, that looks nice :D


SkippyMom said...

The original Scooby Doo. None of that Scrappy doo stuff. And the Road Runner/Wile E Coyote, Bugs Bunny.

Now cartoons are on 24/7 and the allure is gone. At least my youngest is a purest and hates Scrappy doo too. giggle

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday. Hugs!