Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here's your smile, I hope, maybe....

I'm guessing everyone has seen and heard the original "Call Me Maybe" song and video and some send offs of the hit. All the ones I have seen have been cute and in good taste. Good, clean fun, something we don't always see enough of. This one really tickled me.
Lil Fred is all of 9 years old. He has other videos on YouTube, all shot and edited by his 18 year old brother Justin. That fact endears the family even more to me. Here's one more clip, done to honor National Dairy Month (June).

I think I will go have a glass of cold milk and watch these one more time.


Changes in the wind said...

Love that first video...what a cute kid.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have not been by you blog in "forever". Last was a winter or fall and y'all were closing your business. I was going through old posts and saw your name/blog - wanted to stop by and say "hey"!

Cute videos. What a character, that Lil Fred!

Enjoyed the videos, you're right, grab a glass of milk and see them again? Could do that.

Jenn (I'm not on blogger any more but WordPress)

Debbie said...

I had seen the first one but not the second. I love it when he runs out of his boots.

And the part about getting milk from "jiggly things" made me giggle.