Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hiatus, only partially intentional

I am in back to school mode even though no one in my family has been " back to school" in the traditional sense in ages. Is it years of being first a student and then mother to students that causes this feeling, or is the flurry of activity of others contagious?

We aren't much further along in the home improvement/redecorating project but progress is being made. I've been away from home a lot during the day, and even when time has allowed me to post from my iPad, the blogger fairies and gremlins conspired to keep me quiet. Some sites have been taking so long to open, they time out, or that at least is my guess. I can't find a common reason.  Some are Blogger, some are Word Press, so it isn't one host that is incompatible.

I hate what election years do to some people, and every four years the mud slinging seems to get worse. I'm not talking about political ads. I can mute them or fast foward through them on recorded shows. I'm talking about the junk in emails and on Facebook. I've been spending less time online because of this. I wrote a long post the other day and while it felt good to rant a bit, it isn't what I want my blog to be about.

I have a dozen things to do and extra people to feed (not a complaint, just a little more care in planning and executing) so if I am successful in publishing this post from my iPad, I hope I'll be able to comment on your blogs later. Right now I have an urge to go look at binders and sniff boxes of crayons.


Sewconsult said...

I know what you mean. There is a blogger who has written a wonderful post on the mudslinging on Facebook and blogs. I have put her link up on my blog tonight.
Have a great weekend and enjoy some time off. I, too, find my iPad doesn't like to load blogs very quickly.

Thisisme. said...

Looking at binders and sniffing boxes of crayons did make me smile, you daft thing you!! I know what you mean about the political thing. I so hate all the mud slinging at election times, and yours seems to go on much longer than over here in England. Take care.

Rudee said...

It used to be that come November of an election year, we could look forward to 3 years of a mudslinging respite. With the 24 hour news cycle, that's not possible anymore.

I did watch some of the convention last week to see if I'd see something I liked, and I will watch some of next week's convention looking for the same, but for the most part, I'm sticking to watching things like, The Princess Bride. It's so much better for my soul.

SkippyMom said...

Some of my lifelong friends [from HS] are on FB - and this election has turned them into some of the most unreasonable, one track minded, bullies I have ever seen. They constantly make me question how I can even like them the other 3 years.

Some of them are such thinly veiled racists on FB I wonder how I could've missed all these years. And heaven forbid if you disagree [even slightly] with some of the stuff they put up - suddenly you are stamped "Un American." It's why I don't talk politics on my blog or FB.