Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zappy Do Do to me....

No idea when or why our family began zinging (singing?) 'Zappy Do Do' in place of  the real words to 'Happy Birthday', but we did. Not when it is officially time to sing and blow out the candles, but at unofficial moments like random phone calls and Facebook postings.

I'm not posting this to request birthday wishes or presents (but feel free to contact me if you need my address to have a store send something here ) but just to remind everyone that age is just a number, and most times, numbers don't matter.

Today I am 60. Provided my hair doesn't catch on fire when I blow out the candles, I will be fine.

When I was a mere child of 45 or so (wasn't that just a year or so ago?) I entertained the idea of throwing a 50th birthday party for myself. The theme was going to be that my youth was dead. I was going to have a cardboard casket, black flowers, etc. I thought it would be funny until I reached 49 and a very close friend who was also 49 got a very scary diagnosis. The thought of losing her made mock funerals not so funny.

Thankfully, she got through her medical crisis and is just fine today. I wouldn't criticize someone else having a tongue-in-cheek death themed party, but I could never do that now. Friends and neighbors have lost loved ones, sometimes at a far too young an age, and while dark humor in a card can probably be overlooked, a whole party might be way too painful. I am not about pain. I am about love and humor.

If anyone would like to do something to honor my birthday, consider a Random Act of Kindess today or sometime soon. I don't think anyone that I know through my blog needs this reminder, but I wish it would magically enter the hearts and minds of some that I encounter elsewhere.

Before I leave to go spackle my face and truss my body into something presentable, my goal being to look 58 instead of 60 , I leave you with a very early photo of myself.  I think it is from 60 years and 9 months ago, give or take a day.


Changes in the wind said...

Happy Birthday...great post.

michelle said...

Happy belated Birthday,Knitty! Hope you had a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Knitty! I hope you have a wonderful day :-)