Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It is Tuesday, but it feels like Monday

Funny how a weekday holiday can throw off a person's sense of what day it is, even in retirement.

We were at the cottage for an extended weekend. I had two knitting projects with me, plus yarn for a third. One project is a shawl called Cameo (thank you Rudee for that recommendation!) that I hope to show you soon. It is so dark and gloomy today, taking a photo wouldn't show you much of anything, certainly not the true denim color of the yarn. Another project is a baby sweater, a simple Debbie Bliss pattern that uses worsted weight yarn. When my sons and nieces were babies, a much lighter weight yarn was the norm in baby sweaters. I am making this for a woman who works in my doctor's office who is having her first. I wanted something that looked more "today" style-wise, but also practical in wash-ability. I don't know her well enough to know if special care instructions would turn her off or not be read and the sweater possibly ruined. Baby and children garments should be easily washable in my opinion.

I was not thrilled with the feel of the knitted back, completed before we left for the weekend, so I brought needles, another yarn and even another pattern with me. I decided to test drive the other yarn and pattern. The suggested size needles didn't result in the dimensions I needed for correct gauge. Odd for me as I knit loose, but the yarn is rather light for worsted weight. I reached for then next size needles, a size 9. Uh oh! I only had one size 9 needle in my Harmony needle roll!
I checked my knitting bag. No luck. It isn't like to me to lose things. I took a breath and decided to try size 10 needles. Rats! I only had one size 10! Uh oh, major uh oh! A neglected-because-I've-lost-interest project at home was started on circular needles but I switched to straight because I didn't like the join of that particular circular needle (where the tips meet the flexible cable) and I really, really like my Harmony needles.
When we got home last night I checked the neglected project and sure enough, it was on one size 9 and one size 10 needle. Spreading out the knitting, the difference is noticeable between same size needles and the mismatched work. Darn it!

Mindless knitting doesn't mean I shouldn't pay some attention to what I'm doing!!!

Thankfully, it won't be difficult to rip out the knitting and get back on track with that project but you know what...since I've lost interest in it, I'm wondering if I should just rewind all the yarn and use it elsewhere.

On the plus column of successfully completed projects, I did machine quilt two printed panels into a floor/play quilt for Colton. The two panels weren't the same size and one was printed with a portrait orientation, the other landscape. 
The "eye spy" side has less red border on one side than the other. Shame on me. I should have added fabric from my stash so that I could have properly centered things.
But you know what? Colton doesn't care. In fact, he hasn't paid much attention to that side yet.

Happy Monday....er....Tuesday to you, unless you are reading this on Wednesday. May your needles be the same size, your borders even and happiness follow you wherever you go. I think that is an old Irish proverb, but I'm not Irish.


Rudee said...

I've mixed up my needles, too. Sometimes on purpose!

I can't believe how much Colton has grown. Perhaps it's your camera, but he looks so tall. Is he?

Sewconsult said...

My mother-in-law was a knitter back in the 70's. I have several shawl's that she made. I would love to pull one out & wear to my nephew's wedding in Oct, but think it looks too "grannie", which was the style then. I have a bolt of fabric that is similar to the city mat quilt that you made. I have made at least 10 of the mats, but just put a solid piece of denim on the back with a thin batting in the middle. The first one, I use a cut up fleece throw that I messed up with machine embroidery. I like the thin batting better, but really didn't actually need any batting for a play mat.

SkippyMom said...

Wow look how big he is getting - just seems like yesterday, doesn't it? And boy-o he likes Grandma's needle skills. SO CUTE!

How frustrating on the needles. The only empathy I can give is when we go to the country and I forget a specific baking item I need for that weekend's meals [i.e. sodium free ingredient - can only buy online - or my rolling pin] but still really not the same as we can always eat something else. Nice needle case btw - did you make that too?

Can't wait to see pics of the shawl. Rudee made my favorite shawl ever - it was burgundy and wow - it was so special. I bet yours is just as pretty.

Changes in the wind said...

Love the quilt:)

Butterbean Row said...

Well, it is nice to meet you. I have recently picked up my knitting needles again after a few years hiatus.
I have a question: when making a hat with 72 cast on stitches, using a 16 inch circular needle, how do you decrease without stretching the yarn? I guess I could switch to DPN but i get confused when counting.

All the best and I love your blog,


Knitty said...

@ Butterbean, I am sending you an email. :)