Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My new birthday gift idea

I've spent the day boxing up the contents of my desk and library shelves in preparation for new flooring that is probably a bit more than a week away in installation. We thought it would happen a bit sooner, but the extra time means we can paint and pull up moldings that need to be replaced.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that hubby had his own business for 20 years and by nature, isn't one to toss out something useful. I don't mean to imply that I trash things that are still good, but when the kids, nearby relatives and friends don't need stapler #24 (only a slight exaggeration), it is time for the stapler to go into the donation box!

We have an entire file drawer full of boxed sheets of printer labels. There are file folder labels, shipping labels of various sizes, full sheet labels, and so on, some for laser printers, some for ink jet. We have both types of printers here at the house, thus I can't automatically get rid of one style.

After all all the still useful office supplies, we have things we've accumulated through the years. A knick knack that doesn't mean anything to hubby might still make me go awww....and feel like I can't part with it because of who gave it to us, or who it belonged to (one of our parents). The reverse is true also, but I am more likely to part with something than he is.

I don't want to say he gloats or says "I told you so" but many of his projects around the house lately have been completed using supplies I would have pitched years ago.  We laughed about this just this morning and he suggested we could get a bigger house but we both know that we would just save more stuff.

The new flooring, carpeting and furniture are all replacing items, not adding to anything in the house. I'm trying to downsize but so far the only noticeable downsizing is the bank account. These pesky stores all want down payments!

In the headiness of all the ordering and scheduling that was done today, it hit me what I want for my upcoming birthday, this year and probably many future years. I don't want my dear sons, daughter-in-law and grandson to buy me anything. I want them to come here and take something home with them!

"Happy Birthday Mom! I'll take 6 boxes of labels, a gross of pencils, and a stapler"

"Happy Birthday to the best Mother-in-law! I'll take 2 of your 4 pie pans, 3 serving platters, a gravy boat and a stapler!"

"Happy Birthday Mom!  I'll take 4 of your spare computer cables, the white towels you never use, a ruler and a stapler!"

"Happy Birthday Grandma! I'll take your iPad and iPhone!" 

Colton! Get back here! Those things aren't up for grabs! Here, you can have a stapler but don't play with it until you are a bit older.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Sewconsult said...

My daughter asked me how my sewing room clean-out was going... "uhhh". I feel your pain and wish someone wanted my stuff. Well, dear sister called yesterday and wanted old lace (not the French expensive kind) to use for my nephew's rehearsal dinner. The lace she was talking about, I came by "oh, Beckie sews, she'll be good to take this home", about 14 yrs ago. My brother & sister in law bought a house and all that was in it. It was owned by an elderly couple who owned a bridal shop in previous years. My bounty was filled with bridal satin, cheap bridal veils, laces that had been cut from dresses, etc. As I drug that box out, I thought, 'this is why I still have this box!'. Foung the perfect lace that she needed for tie old books together for table centerpieces. Thank goodness that I didn't throw it out, but now...

Rudee said...

Now that's a great idea!

The other day my 31 year old daughter asked me to teach her to knit. I was taken aback, but if it means we're going to fight for the stash, I may have to think twice. Stash is the only thing I don't give away.

Kelli said...

So...does this mean that one of these days when I get to come visit you, I can grab a stapler on my way out the door? ;) I seem to have the opposite problem around here. They leave with things that never get returned! LOL!