Monday, September 17, 2012

Remodeling/redcorating...the fun never ends

As I write this, people from the furnace company are here ripping out the current furnace and hot water tank. Cleaning, a lot of it, will follow along with painting a wall that we've never had full access to paint. Tomorrow will be installation of the new flooring and the next day the new furnace and water heater will go in. Tonight is when the temps are forecast to dip and tomorrow's high will be in the low 60s. Really? What did I do to offend Mother Nature? The thought of no heat and no hot water is right up there with no car. I don't need them daily, but knowing I don't have them makes me think I am going to freeze, need to wash something, and need to go somewhere. Going somewhere might come into play if I get too antsy!

This is a very minor inconvenience and one we knew was coming. We also know that no remodel occurs without unforeseen  hiccups and added expenses. So far, with the plumbing done, those have been minimal. The "best" furnace won't work for us because of structure limitations. Another minor hiccup. What we are getting will be so much better than what we have, it will seem "best" to us.

Unlike what we see on TV where everything is done within 30 minutes, our floor covering experience will be spread out over two weeks, possibly into a third week. Delivery of materials, the order of installation (hard surfaces before carpet) and a day to move and reinstall a wall unit all figure into that time span.

So what blindsided me and has prompted today's post? Furniture.

Our living room furniture sees heavy use. While we don't abuse our belongings, we don't have things that are just for show. Children play here. Accidents happen. We nap on couches. We want sturdy and comfortable furniture. The sofa and chairs in our living room are La Z Boy brand. They've worn well. We had them reupholstered years ago when we didn't find anything we preferred.

This time, I really wanted a new line, a new look. I wanted a sofa and a love seat. I read reviews and asked friends for their recommendations. I window shopped a long time before dragging hubby out to look at what I thought were possibilities. We picked out a sofa and love seat made by Flexsteel. The next decision would be fabric. We brought home two fabric samples that we liked in the store. By nightfall in our living room, we didn't like them. I returned those and brought home 6 more the next day. We made a choice. Hooray!

The salesman went on vacation. Waiting a few weeks to place the order wasn't a problem (our decision, not his request) because we were knee deep in plumbing, relative birthdays and our anniversary. We placed the furniture order last week when we finalized the furnace and kitchen flooring schedule. was good.

Until the following afternoon when we got a phone call informing us that the fabric we chose had been discontinued. An expletive may have escaped my lips after that phone call. Oh well. The next day I picked up the carpet sample again and went to the furniture store to select four swatches to bring home. None were as exciting to me as the one I could not have but I wasn't going to dwell on that. We narrowed the choices down to two. We looked at them in sunlight. We looked at them while it rained in the afternoon. We looked at them as dusk fell, before and after lamps were turned on. Friday morning we were sure of our new choice. Hooray again!

I returned the carpet sample and went on to change the fabric order at the furniture store. Uh oh...the look on the salesman's face wasn't good. I knew the fabrics were all available, we checked that the previous day before I left the store, so what was that look? This fabric was an upgrade (the previous fabric was an upgrade too)...ok, so how much more? Is everyone sitting down? The additional cost for the sofa and love seat would be $1942.  Are you {expletive thought but not said} me?

The order was canceled and I have my deposit back. The hunt for new furniture resumes later this week.


Chatty Crone said...

I see A LOT of positives here. You got your money back number one. You don't have to deal with that company any more! You can get something you really want now.

Good luck.

Rudee said...

What you will realize in energy savings with your new furnace will make up for the fabric costs on that sofa. Had I known what I'd have saved before last year, I'd have replace Rachel's furnace years ago. Hundreds a month in winter. No lie. If you love the fabric, why not get it?

I've bought a few sofas in my life and none have worn better or were better built than La-Z-Boy. I have a sofa and love seat I bought 30 years ago that's still in use at Rachel's house. I bought another sofa last year that's leather and has two reclining seats on the ends. I decorate with pillows for pops of color and softness.

Blondie's Journal said...

The price of furniture is staggering, especially if you want quality. We redid our family room last winter and it was such a stressful time. Decisions! I hope you find what you want and something that doesn't break the bank.


Sewconsult said...

Good luck. Been there, done that! I had to recover our couches about 10 yrs ago, because I couldn't find anything that I liked without selling off mineral rights to our yard. We have a "great" room with multiple seating options. I seem to be tied close color choices because of my never-going-to-wear-out burgundy leather wingback recliner. It's 20+ yrs old and looks like new. I want new flooring which includes hardwood and carpet, but we don't have the windfall at the moment. There's also something that pushes it down the list.