Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yummy Blue Monday

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I'm not talking about Charles Dickens' take on the French Revolution, I'm talking about this past weekend.

Our neighborhood has a homecoming party every fall because we live so close to a high school football field, we couldn't avoid the big game if we tried. Even former neighbors return for the event. We caught up on what is going on with each other, ate, paused to cheer when the home team scored and then returned to visiting. Did I mention that we ate? A lot? There were tossed salads, pasta salads and fruit salads. Did you want bread or rolls? Was that your second or third helping of broasted potatoes? At the end of the main table was barbecued chicken and barbecued ribs. To say our section of the street smelled good would be an understatement. Desserts were on a separate table with brownies being the favorite of everyone there. The poor souls who parked on our street and walked to the game were probably starving after smelling all of this, and you know the concession stand food couldn't possibly compete!

The trucks on the field are pulling the floats around. The plastic chairs in the street were preventing anyone from parking directly in front of the house hosting the party and thus obscuring our view. The home team won by 31 points, surely due in part to our enthusiasm.

On Saturday night, by brother-in-law and sister-in-law had their annual Oktoberfest party for their kids and grandkids, our family and a few close friends. This time the eating began with crackers and dips, spinach dip in bread bowls, and an easy sausage appetizer that I'll explain later. My sis-in-law had home made chicken noodle soup and home made chili. My brother-in-law grilled hotdogs and brats. There was sauerkraut as well as the usual assortment of cold condiments to dress your dogs as we ate outside around a firepit.

Desserts included chocolate covered saltines, fresh from the oven apple crisp, pumpkin bread and strawberry ghosts. If you were waiting for the "blue" tie in, here it is....the bread was baked in blue Pyrex and the strawberries are on a blue plate.

Easy to see why this weekend was the best of times, right? But why the worst of times? Because I didn't use my Halloween plate and every dang calorie counted!

About the sausage appetizer, it was very easy and a huge hit. The recipe is from Gooseberry Patch's Harvest Kitchen cookbook. In a large saucepan, you combine one 16 oz can of whole berry cranberry sauce, 1/3 cup seedless raspberry jam, 1 tsp cornstarch and 1/2 tsp hot sauce. Stir that together, then add 2 pounds of mini smoked sausages. Bring this to a simmer over medium high heat, then reduce to low and heat through for 15 minutes. I transported this in a Pyrex Portable with the microwaveable hot pack in the bottom. Since the carrier was green, I didn't photograph it.

And last but not least, here is my new blue bird. She wasn't invited to either of the parties but including her in a Blue Monday post should make her feel less neglected.

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Smilingsal said...

That blue bird fits right in on your Blue Monday post. What an excellent weekend you had! I think brownies are always a bit hit with crowds because they can so easily be picked up and scarfed down. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

Coloradolady said...

Sounds like a great time had by all. Love your little bird. Very cute. Happy Blue Monday.

Anonymous said...

Oh how much fun this is! I bet you all have a great reunion each year eating and cheering and all the catch up conversations too.

It looks like you HAVE to get in on the act because the field really is close so you might as well make the best of it...and of course its fun to root for your home team.

Well you inhaled lots of calories you say..well might I remind you that its a good thing the field..and track are so close...*lol*... you can easily run some of off..yikes!!!
I love your new blue jay too...
That sounds like a yummy recipe too...I have saved it for another day.

Thank you for sharing a fun post

Neabear said...

Enjoyed your blue monday post. Thanks for visiting mine!

Anonymous said...

Love that little blue bird! Looks like you had a marvolous time. Happy Blue Monday!

Sweetie said...

You certainly live in a fun neighborhood. The food looks delicious. Your blue bird is sweet. Happy Blue Monday!

Beverly said...

What a wonderful post. Your event sounds like a wonderful time.

I love your blue Pyrex - I didn't even know it came in blue. And, your bluebird is my favorite.

Next time, be certain to use your Halloween plate. ;-)

Shabby Kim said...

What an amazing weekend you had. It sounds like so much fun you've made me jealous. I wish I could have been there too. I love how you tied in the blue baking dish and plate with the strawberries.

Love your new little bird too. It's beautiful.

Happy Blue Monday and have a great week!!

CC said...

I love your bluebird..and the talk of food makes me hungry..:)

imjacobsmom said...

Cute Bluebird! Sounds like you had good fun and good food! Glad to hear that your team won! Happy Blue Monday! ~ Robyn

MizSmoochieLips said...

Well dang, Knitty! My mouth was watering just thinking about biting into some scrumptious ribs from a blue plate! Looks like huge fun!!! Did you save me any spooky covered strawberries?