Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scary little friends and videos

I bought refrigerator clips/magnets at a craft store last week. I painted them and used Mod Podge to adhere and seal pictures of some family members on the ghosts and Frankenstein heads. Nothing spectacular or unusual, but I think the little ones will get a kick out of them and it was just the simple project I needed as a break from some more taxing ones.

I am painting some items that I hope will be Christmas gifts, but they are nowhere near ready for viewing yet. I've read the suggested guidelines for painting and decided I am happier winging it on my own. My husband just laughs at this. He doesn't do any crafts, but he isn't an instruction kind of guy anyway. Then again, are any men?

A few days ago I went to the yarn store where I bought the yarn and pattern for a current project that involves lace knitting. The body of the work is done and now it is time to pick up stitches and knit an edging. That should have been no problem. I've been knitting for more years than some of you are old.

*sigh* That was painful to say.

I just couldn't understand the directions and hoped someone at the store had tackled them. The instructor sat down, picked up my knitting and needles, read the directions and with a puzzled expression, loudly said HUH??? I laughed and told her she made my day.

She did get it figured out and I am happily zooming along on my project. Yesterday I thought it would be cool to record what I am doing so that I can show a few of my knitting friends who aren't understanding the process or the problem by phone description or email. I hung my camera around my neck, shortened the strap to get the camera in a good position, looked at the display to make sure my hands and knitting were in focus, remembered to turn off the TV so that the audio wouldn't record the TV and hit the record button. The pattern repeat that I wanted to capture is over 8 rows, but only covers 5 - 9 stitches so it wouldn't be a long video. I hit the button to stop recorded only to discover that it had never started in the first place. *groan* The camera button seems to need a firmer push when in video mode.

Ok, regroup. Get the camera back in place, take a deep breath, exhale, record. First row ok, turn my work and oops!...the camera slipped. From my lovely knitting to a crotch shot. Yikes!

One more time...get camera in place, breathe, depress button on camera, start knitting..... b-r-r-ring! The dang phone rang right next to me and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

I've decided to just keep working and if a friend decides to use this pattern and has trouble with the edging, it will be easier to meet in person. If she lives out of state, I hope she can afford airfare!


Anonymous said...

hey Knitty ... your post made me smile...
ps.I love the magnets!

MizSmoochieLips said...

Lol! Loving the magnets too.

So are you going to blog the crotch shot? Just kidding!