Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Knitted Lace Shawl

This project made me happy, even if it did make me cuss a bit a few times.

I've knitted lace patterns before, but not in a long time and was rusty. I can watch sitcom TV and do this, but cannot engage in conversation and keep track of which stitch comes next. I finally realized that I could not watch the presidential debates and work on this project. Between conversations with Bill and talking back to the TV (how lame is that?) during the debates, I would make a mistake and not find it until a row or two later. For those of you who knit, I couldn't just pull out the knitting to get back to my mistake, I had to "un-knit" each stitch because of yarns overs and SSK stitches.

The edging was a challenge because the instructions were a bit vague. I thought it was just me so I took my work and the pattern to the yarn shop where the instructor sat down, picked up my knitting, read the pattern and said "HUH?" That made me laugh, but also made me feel good.

Each craft brings me a different pleasure and sense of accomplishment. I am glad there is no reason to limit myself to just one. I love the feel of yarn gliding over needles and I love that knitting is portable. A new knitting project is underway and thoughts of another are on my mind. There are also bedroom curtains to sew, a table topper or runner to make, ornaments to finish painting and a husband to feed. Wonder how he feels about being mentioned with my other hobbies?


Anonymous said...

Oh I know exactly what you are talking about!! I've been there. It sure is so maddening isn't it and you try to be soooo careful after you start again after you took it apart again. Oh dear.
Well I'm glad the yarn shop was able to help you. It looks lovely.

Yes us crafters have lots of projects on the go. My mom can't understand why I don't just finish one thing and then start the next thing like she does??? But then...she does lots of things but she's not a true "crafter".

Oh dear. After reading your comment on my post today I realize I really was thinking realistically with the worries I had in that car wash! I would not have been happy being stuck in there...yikes!!

Have a great day.

MizSmoochieLips said...

The greatest project of all... the hubby, heh heh! Your popsicle stick comment was hillarious :)

andrea said...

you are so multi-talented!