Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did she really do it?

Yes, Katydid

Ok, so that was a bad pun, but it was a way to work in a picture of the katydid that was on my garage door AND post something about a lovely young lady named Katie who said yes to a recent marriage proposal. I don't really have her permission to say more, but I think I will hear from her when she sees this and (hopefully) has a laugh. Maybe I should tell her groom to be that he is lucky she isn't a praying mantis....they bite the heads off their men!


Anonymous said...

oh I wish I knew what this was all about....hmmmmm...but I do like the praying manthis. Interesting little green guys aren't they?

Have a lovely day.

Knitty said...

A dear friend's daughter, Katie, is engaged and I am very excited for her. She is pretty private though, so I didn't want to say something on the internet without her approval. The bug in the picture isn't a praying mantis (they are more stick-like in appearance, it is a katydid. :)

Picket said...

Hey Knitty..thanks for coming by...about the size peanut butter jar..yes I think it is the 1 lb jar...because the next size up is the 1 lb 12oz one that I keep in the pantry for hubby to make his peanut butter sandwiches! lol Hope you like the cake if you make it...just taste is as you go along and make sure you add just enough milk to make it creamy and will still be thick! lol Have a great week and come back any time!