Monday, October 27, 2008

Be-witch-ing Jewels

I enjoy Halloween. I like jewelry. If this were a logic problem, you could now correctly assume that I like Halloween jewelry. These are the pieces I've been wearing this year. Yes, there are more. I have skeleton heads with eyes that glow and flash, thanks to a watch size battery, large orange spider web earrings that are scary/cute but catch in everything, and pumpkins on hair combs that are cute but too heavy to stay in anyone's hair.

These earrings are new this year. They are from Avon. This picture is from the Avon webpage as my own photo didn't turn out well.
This is Avon also, a tiny pumpkin with olive colored crystal stud earrings inside. I forgot to include the earrings in the photo. Can you tell it was the pumpkin that I fell for?

Moving on to items that I've made, here is a bracelet that was sold as a kit in a quilt store. This led me to other beading if I needed another hobby!

I really like working with beads. Other than a sample project in a bead class, this was my first project in Peyote stitch. This was done before I learned the importance of buying beads from the same manufacturer so that they are all the same size. The pink beads in their cheeks and the orange beads are supposedly the same size as all the rest, but they are larger and protrude from the piece. Live and learn. Not knowing any different, I ad-libbed how to attach this to a pin. I now know that I should have used beads at the top with a larger bore that would slide onto the pin, and that the pin head unscrews for this purpose. I didn't have to spring the opposite end to feed this onto the shaft of the pin. Nothing like making things harder than they necessary!

These were just easy and cute
I don't wear much orange normally, but I could wear this beyond the Halloween season. It is subdued, it doesn't scream Halloween. Notice I used Scream and Halloween in the same sentence?
I don't care for the taste of candy corn, but it sure symbolizes the season, doesn't it? I made the earrings last year and put the bracelet together yesterday with one stray glass candy corn hanging as a charm. The black beads almost resemble charcoal briquettes and the orange beads are tear drop shaped beads.

Now if only there was a holiday symbolized by diamonds.......


MizSmoochieLips said...

The ghosty earrings are too cute!
Before I forget (again) the photo tiles were made at
I imported (sort of) my favorite pictures from Flickr and created the candy apple tiled thingy.
Are you all ready for halloween??? I haven't even purchased halloween candy yet! I am sooooo behind.

andrea said...

I love those candy corn earrings, and I'm not an earring kind of girl! What are you dressing up as this year?