Monday, October 27, 2008

Blue Monday: Blue Art

Some home accessories have come and gone in my life on a whim while others have stuck around for decades. The common thread to those items that have lasted is that they have blue in them. That wasn't intentional, but something I've recently noticed.

For this week's Blue Monday, I've focused on art that hangs in my house.
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Until I learn how to take a photo indoors on a gray day without glare from the flash being a problem, please excuse the angles and the fact that the pictures are propped on the floor or couch to avoid window reflections.

This picture hangs in my bedroom

This isn't wall art, but it fits the blue category. The basket was sold in a yarn shop, intended to hold yarn. Yarn in baskets always sounds like a pretty idea, but in reality, yarn will find the slightest rough spot inside a basket and snag there. This holds junk ("junque" if it is expensive junk) on a nightstand.

This one hangs at the bottom of the stairs. It was bought at a home party (Home Interiors maybe?) in the early years of our marriage. I don't plan on moving just to get a porch and door like that, but if we were moving, that is something I'd like. Oh, and a gardener too.

This pair of bears hangs in our family room

One of my son's friends told me that this is "just so you". What? Am I fuzzy? Patched? Stuffed? Hmmm, maybe soft and adorable? That must be it!

This is one of a pair of paintings that hangs over the living room sofa. The other one isn't blue so it didn't get photographed. It will have to wait for a different posting theme.

And lastly, another photo that isn't something that hangs on my walls, but sometimes hangs from my ears.

I had been holding the wings upside down in the bead store, wondering what I would ever do with such a weird finding. Then I saw the angels made up and was embarrassed by the huge DUH! that was hanging over my head.

Peaceful blessings to everyone and Happy Blue Monday.


Smilingsal said...

I love your bedroom picture. Your son's friend must think highly of you to make a reference that sounds(?) complimentary since teens don't often want to speak to parents! You have some pretty hanging things--even those from your ears. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

andrea said...

I like blue. My sister recently redid her bedroom in shades of blue and white and when you walk in there it feels as if you've just walked into a spa...very calming and relaxing...

Lana G! said...

Great collection of blues for this Monday! Cracking up at the wing story!

ellen b. said...

Fun pieces of art and I know exactly what you mean about finding the right angle to photo them :0)
Love your Junque basket. The handle is very cool.
Have a great Blue Monday!!

Shelia said...

Hi Knitty! It's so nice to meet you! I am loving all of your blueness this morning. I especially like the painting of the sweet porch and the white railing.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Neabear said...

Thank you for visiting my Blue Monday post. I love yours too. I especially love the picture of the teddy bears. The earrings are adorable. Happy Blue Monday!

Sweetie said...

Blue makes a lovely accent color. I have held onto blue for years also. I love the art that hangs in your home. The pair of bears is especially cute. I think that your son's friend paid you a compliment.

Coloradolady said...

your basket is so cute. and the picture with the little teddy bears is adorable. Cute Blue Monday picture.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What a pretty show of blue. I especially like that picture that hangs in your room. Have a wonderful day!

Elizabeth said...

That basket is great for junque, I agree!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Knitty, You have many beautiful "blue " items to share..I love the picture of the white house with all of the blue flowers blooming around the stairs..thanks for sharing with us. Hugs, Baba

Anne Fannie said...

I love all your blueness today on Blue Monday.
Thanks for sharing,
Love, Ann

Kim said...

Your blue pictures are beautiful. I really loved all your beaded projects in your other post--I want that bracelet! ;)
*smiles and thanks for visiting my blue monday post.

Anonymous said...

You have some very nice blue items.

Kathy b